33 thoughts on “Russian Art Gallery”

  1. Vodka-drinking bear looking woods cutting themselves having scary looking smiles while another bear looks the scene is really, I mean, REALLY disturbing.

  2. A BEAR is Russian elefant!

    Don’t think about it, just watch. Those russian artists got high while drawing these masterpieces 🙂

    • This guy is in fact making demonizing cartoons feeding on Russians hate for Kaukasians – the elefant represents the kaukasiuns, and kaukasians are the source of all things nasty, acording to the average russian. Like the Jews in WWII. Nothing lovely about it.

  3. Maybe the elephant represents zionism because these elephants seem to be wearing those pancake things on their heads and trying to cripple the common person.

  4. This is aimed at ‘blacks’, the Russian nick for all people from the Caucasus. Russians are in general very xenophobic, and the recent increase of everyday hardship [increased costs of living mainly] increased this, even. In Moscow in particular these Caucasians are hated, people are openly accusing them of stealing jobs, being criminals and, in general, making life hard for them, the local ‘pure blood’ Russians.

    When they need a construction worker or need to renovate their houses, of course, the same Caucasians are very welcome. When buying watermelons, one needs a Caucasian. Etc. Just looking for a scapegoat, as usual. The problems are everybody’s fault [read ‘foreigners’, ‘blacks’, the US, the EU] except their own. They have no talent for self criticism or introspection in general, my compatriots. IMO the Russian mentality is the main problem. Anyway.

    The recent increase of the number of these people is not their fault [one can hardly blame them for coming to the big city in search of a better life] but the City Councils fault: all restrictions have been dropped recently, now everybody can try and start a ‘career’ in Moscow. Resulting in an overpopulated city that will probably soon explode in some way: traffic jams 24 h/day, completely clogged public transport, etc…

    This series of pictures / cartoons is a nasty xenophobic attack on Caucasians. That’s it. No artistic value.

    • maxD, this blog really changed the way I saw russian people.

      I feel that the end of the USSR made russian people to go back in terms of Culture and Education. Today the new generations filled this “vacuum” with intolerance, xenophoby and racism. Politicians understand it very well, and manipulate this sense of “pride” in their favour.

      Russia today is nothing more than a Third World country (like mine, I’m from Brazil), living with ignorance, social inequalities and bad politicians.

    • Nah, tell us something about xenophobic attacs on Mexicanians in US. It’s much more harder than in Russia, concerning their migrants from Caucasia, Middle Asia or whenever else around.

  5. The elephant I guess must be understood as a westerner which came to St.Petersburg (Russia) to civilize it with all ensuing consequences.

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