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    • Although it is unusual, I have seen chickens eat live mice, so why not a squirrel getting a little protein from a dead songbird?

  1. i love lookin at funny russians being goofy

    that bigger guy berATeing the cop would get the tazor here in america

  2. Wow, what a relief! I was worried about Jaber and Haider because I have not heard from them in weeks, but thanks to your post I see they are finally on their way back from a successful mission to buy new cars to get “explosive” modifications done in my special shop.

    It looks like they also picked up two new recruits, who are sitting in the backseat, probably praising Allah for delivering them from a life of selling trinkets in the market all day only to come home to a fat nagging wife, and now setting them on the glorious path of fighting for Islam and martyrdom.

    Well, they don’t know about the martyrdom part yet, but they will. 🙂

    Thanks ER!

  3. maybe this is kyrpos with vodka…

    here in brazil some people drink fanta or other soft dink (orange or grape) with cheap vodka or pinga ( kind of brazilian vodka, very cheap)

  4. actually thats the lenin and stalin who hang out at the red square every day, and for some price will take a pic with u. I have a picture of them from last summer that i spent in moscow

  5. The Stalin on http://englishrussia.com/images/daily_05/10.jpg

    is the same Stalin as

  6. The Russian Orthodox priests are so BIG, they resemble Jabba-the-Hut from Star Wars. These religous and spiritual icons of modern Russian society look like perfect candidates, for the Jenny Craig program, or a stroke. Obviously, Putin style politics is working for them. And, I would hazzard a guess…fasting is out totally.

    So what has Russia actually achieved ? They’ve replaced the Communist Central Committee, with the over-feed Russian Orthodox Church oligarchy. Great way to re-enter serfdom.

    • It is in remembrance of the real way Soviet soldiers made it through the very cold winter, and brought new meaning to the term “comrade.”

  7. Squirrel definitely photoshopped, plus that’s an American squirrel. What it was doing in Russia we can only assume – probably spying on the Russian rodents.

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