26 thoughts on “The Dirt Fountain”

  1. It’s kinda interesting because some of the cars appeared to be “right-handed” (some cars in the video, and shiny purple Nissan Cube in the 7th picture). It IS true that lots of old cars are exported from Japan, and used in especially Syberia Area)

  2. When I visited Краснодар (Krasnodar) I noticed that almost all newer cars (of common size, not luxurious sedans/SUV’s) where left hand driven. I suppose those Jappies export lots of recent second-hands to Russia…

  3. Gentlemen, I’m sorry to all those who were driving on that road. I had way too much Mexican food the other night and had to stop the car and get to business.

    • Pressurized sewage is found in “forced mains” where sewage has to be pumped uphill.. lots of info

      It might also be a “slurry” line, where sand and water are mixed to move the sand.

      I would think its a slurry line since normal raw sewage is not usually so dark.

  4. Check this waterfall in Venezuela
    It’s the biggest on earth (802 meters)

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