40 thoughts on “Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces”

  1. This looks shopped! I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time!

    A few good ones, most pretty shabby.

  2. As comrades on b3ta would say, “seams ok”. Some is works of good artists, others who are quite amateurish have been rounded up and sent to Afghanistan for “art lessons”.

  3. This post reminds me . . .

    Does anyone know a good website where I can buy Russian or old Soviet movies with English subtitles?


    • Have a look at http://film.arjlover.net/film/
      Too much stuff but without subtitles. If you are lucky, you may find subtitles of some known movies searching around in subtitle sites. Sometimes subtitles appear with the english name of the movie, you can find it from imdb.com

      P.S. In this site you don’t actually need to buy the movies 🙂

    • Try film.arjlover.net/film/

      Huge quantity of stuff but without subtitles. If you are lucky, you can find some subtitles searching in subtitle sites. It helps if you search with the english name of the movie, which you can find through imdb.com

      P.S. You don’t need to buy these movies 😉

  4. Does anyone know the Russian movie’s name where a lone soldier in frozen land shoots a german fighter down with his rifle??

  5. apparently it looks a bit boring for you guys, the reason is you just have to be Russian to get a sense of these pictures. Otherewise it is useless for you. That’s all.

  6. круто,и где ва все это,америкашки,берете?правда сомневаюсь что кто либо из вас понял что к чему,а уж тем более смог это прочитать=)

  7. We in the USSR, were the best, kind and mental cartoons and films. You have in Hollywood, except for blood and death, neither of which no more.
    Взяли, таких актеров закрасили, своим Голливудским отродьем.

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  10. It was good photoshop works. I like this look to old movies and old personages. Chack Norris and Stallone is very convincing:)

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