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  1. The gas masks look like leftovers from WWII.
    I think living in Belarus is hard enough even without being subjected to this kind of training. The country (or, more correctly, its government) has extremely bad reputation.

    • Belarusia is a socialist government. and in the eyes of Europe, he is a dictator. but you know why they elected Lukashenko on 3rd term? because he actually cares about lifestyle of his citizens. An average citizen in belarussia earns more that the average oe been to of russian citizen. Also lukashenko makes sure that agriculture and industry are properly financed. so people actually WANTED HIM for the third term as he actually does a good job running his country.

      I have seen an exclusive interview on tv with this guy and i have been to belarussia. I was surprised at how clean Minsk is. I have not seen a single beggar, drunk or homeless person.
      so i wouldn’t call it a bad reputation.

      in fact after collapse of USSR, Lukashenko was hoping toget a seat in russian government even become the president.

      But Putin ruined his hopes

      • > why they elected Lukashenko on 3rd term?

        2 and 3rd. term Belarussians had no choice. The elections were just rigged.

      • You are a great spokesperson for Lukashenko, the “last dictator” in Europe. However, New York City, London, Paris, Madrid, or Berlin, as examples, have much worse than “a single beggar, drunk or homeless person” on the streets, but give the average Belorussian the choice between those cities or Minsk and see what response you get. 🙂

      • >>I have not seen a single beggar, drunk or homeless person.

        That’s because he had them all shot. AGAINST THE WALL! 🙂

      • Spot on Slavich. I spend every summer in Belarus and know the country inside out ( i’m English married to a local ) and Luka is hugely popular amongst the older generation in particular. Safest country I have been to, cleanest also. If I could earn decent money there I would live there full time. Nobody dissapears there, people criticise Lukashenko openly, there is a rule of law. His bad rep is repeated by people who know nothing of the facts but just re-gurgitate what they hear or read in papers. Go there and see for yourself people, you will be impressed by the way things are run.

        • Ben, I am sorry to inform you that the Ministry of State Propaganda decided, upon the order of Our Almighty Shining Sun, The Father of All Wisdom, The Father of All, He Who Cares, Our Immortal Chief Lukashenko, to withdraw any further sponsoring of your activities via sending the 13 years old virgins requested by your so called agency.
          Contact your UK resident agent for further information.
          P.S. The body of your last victim was disposed of in a safe manner. Her mother was informed her daughter died in a car accident while going to shop in local Lidl. The jagged edge and your cellar were not mentioned.

          • lol! Funny post but rediculous. Listen I’m not saying Lukashenko is great and there are not things wrong with Belarus. What I’m telling you are facts and the facts are that he is hugely popular. Now you might think how can that be, but I will tell you why.
            People get paid on time.
            People are paid well compared to some other ex-soviet states.
            People CAN critisize Lukashenko and DO NOT dissapear. ( I have many of these conversations every trip on buses,trains,banks etc. ).
            It’s a safe country.
            It’s a clean country with no beggars ( I have seen one once ).
            People all have jobs who want them.
            The pensions are adequate to live on.
            The government does not kow tow to the US which the nation loves.

            I could go on but I would bore you. Now there are problems there but the people like Lukashenko. Some reading this might not get it but go there and I promise you 100% you will come back thinking “Wow,Ben and Slavich were right, it’s a nice place and people like their leader”.

            Do not believe the press, go and learn for yourselves.

        • “If I could earn decent money there”

          I’m still ROFL about that one. I think you just made one of our points. Although, what’s enough money to live on when you have clean streets, right?

          And if you beleive even for a micro-second that people who live in a dictatorship are dumb enough to openly criticize their “great leader” to a foreigner, even one who thinks he’s as sophisticated as you, then you have successfully engaged in an act of self-deception that even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could not outdo.

          • Oh dear, how little wisdom you have. So a country is bad because there is not much money being earned? Well then let’s bomb all of Africa and Central America! Nobody is saying that the people are rich ( although some are ) but since when does wealth or lack of indicate an evil regime?

            Second point. HAve you been to Belarus? No, thought not ( please don’t lie and say yes )so how do you know what people want? You don’t,fact. I have been there and know the majority, not all,but the majority like and support Lukashenko. That is FACT, not speculation that you like to rely on. Come to Belarus ( I’m there all summer ) and I’ll open up your eyes to how well run the country is. But i doubt your mum would give you permission to go alone so wait till you are older.

      • Rediculous! You make the point perfectly and sum up the majority of people on this forum when you say that you have seen pictures on the internet! But you have not been there and seen with your own eyes, so how can you comment? Keep looking at the pretty pictures and forming your half witted opinions.

        • And I bet you live there. Not! I’ve not only been there, but also have lived for some significant time. Downtowns in Belarus are empty at any time except for evening commute when they are flooded with cars. That’s a fact. Deal with it.

          • lol! Scroll down the page mate and you will see my other posts. I spend every summer there, infact I will be leaving the uk for Belarus on Thursday morning for a 3 month trip. I own a home in Svetlogorsk,Gomel Region. Hence believe me I know about the place.

            The fact is in part you are right, Belarussian towns are not as busy as our consumerist inspired shopping centres of the west but to say that Minsk,Brest,Vitebsk etc are empty in the day is false. I will agree with you interms of the small villages and towns which can be pedestrian free in the day. Especially in summer when the temps go over 100 degrees farenheit.

  2. Training for Special Forces? Looks like the old US Army–or any of a number of other armies’s–basic training, with nothing “special” about it. Hopefully the real Belarussian special forces, like the “real” special forces of most nations, conducts training that is far more physically and, more importantly, intellectually challenging than crawling through dirt and running through CS gas.

    Maybe these guys are just training to gas and beat crowds of protestors in Minsk?

    • ‘“real” special forces of most nations, conducts training that is far more physically and, more importantly, intellectually challenging’

      actualy, a question if there are any intelligent beings in the army (any army), is still an open problem.

    • Notice the lynx on the chevron. These are Lukashenka’s personal henchmen under Pavlyuchenka’s command. Their gas masks should be punctured!

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  4. GP-5 style gas mask, nothing wrong with it. hugs the head tightly, less chance of seepage than other types. It is not radically better or radically worse than anything else for short term use.

  5. Yes, that’s because military service is inherently super-gay. That’s why army guys gang-rape women, so they can use them as a conduits for their homosexual lust, while at the same time, pretend to not be totally gay.

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  7. Att hoppas på bra väder när man åker på semester till tex London är alltid bra, för om det är dåligt väder är oftast semestern eller turen inte lika rolig.

  8. Russia Belarus two different country’s. But yea luka not that bad everyone of my cousins in Belarus like the guy and vote for him they say he keeps the peace and stability for the country.

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