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  1. i think this event is taking place in the united kingdom. can someone answer me why the title says this is taking place in st. petersburg

  2. …………And these are upcoming next Russian generation! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !and also i don`t wanna imagine of future of Russian birth rate! ! ! ! ! ! !God mit uns. . . . . . .

  3. That`s not Russia, St. Petersburg. Look at the price, in Russia we have roubles, but not “$1.50”. Look at the doors, you`ll never see the doors like those. And no one signature in russian language. Where is the Petersburg here?

    • This has to be in the U.K. The prices are marked in British Pounds. Anyway, most of the dools look like dead babies rather than new born. Most of them are grotesk looking, ugh…I need to find some Russian internet pron sites to get my mind off this post.

  4. This is obviously somewhere in Britain… all the text is in English, prices are in Pounds, one of the posters has a .co.uk web address and another in the 3rd pic has BBC TV written on it…

    Why lie like this?

  5. Yes, where is this post [very recent video] with the talkshow showing a critic of Putin explaining his opinion. This guy got erased in post production [the editors wanted to avoid problems with the Kremlin], but they forgot in several frames to erase his feet and hands, creating a weird image…

    Like in Stalin’s times.

    BTW, is the outside world already familiar with the new legislation here ? Wifi equipment [almost every recent laptop and mobile phone i.e.] is prohibited in Russia unless the owners register it at an official office. Meaning qeues and bribes, etc etc. Setting up a wireless home network equals now being a potential traitor.

    Russia o Russia…

  6. If you find some of these babies creepy, it’s probably because they are in the Uncanny Valley.


    • Thank you for sharing that, i found it very interesting.
      I must admit some of those baby dolls looked too real, gross!

  7. I think this is part of a Russian public service message about how ugly babies in the UK are. It is meant to prepare they few smart russians that might find their way into the free country of England and prepare them for the shock of their lives.

  8. Two questions:

    1) Do they have any dolls that look like Chernobyl babies?
    2) Do they have any dolls that look like abandoned Russian orphans?

  9. Max, durashka, relax. If you knew the subject or read an official letter the jurno referred to or at least read over 100 comments to that article you would understand it was just bad journalism from Fontanka.

    • LOL!

      The comments on this website infuriate me sometimes – the idiocy can be overwhelming, while the sexism and general anti-woman outlook can be difficult to digest at times- but every now and then, unintentionally or not, a comment will make me laugh so hard that I will forget why I was ever angry to begin with. Sigh…

  10. These creepy things are mostly marketed towards women who can’t conceive or carry to term who feel a need to “care” for something that they think a doll will fulfill. Some buy teeny fetus-sized ones and name them after their miscarriages. Tasteless but true. I think it’s beyond gross but some of those women have genuine smiles on their faces. I can only hope they’re just looking for their children, but even then, there are some ugly dolls in there.

  11. Over the past few months, reborn baby dolls have become more and more popular. However, most people do not even know what a reborn baby is. Reborn babies are doll replicas of a real baby. The doll is most likely made from vinyl and often times the creator of the doll will add items such as glass or beads to get the baby a realistic feel.

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