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  1. Не стоит отрицать наличие проблемы. Стоит открывать лагеря “трудотерапии” для подобных индивидов.

    • Я не модератор, если кто то так подмуал 🙂 Не стоит искать полной объективности на развлекательном портале)

  2. Is think kind of behavior common in Russian schools? This reminds me more of American schools, where authority and responsibility of adults has been abdicated, and the discipline manual for school is “Lord of the Flies.”

    • I would like say its slowly going to be the same in Central EUrope. Being a teacher is dangerous profession 🙁

  3. The longer we allow this behavior too continue, the worse it will become. By “we”, I mean the adult members of society. It is utterly ridiculous that we are now more concerned with the “rights” or “feelings” of these young thugs, than we are with their victims. Worms like the one highlighted in this video, should be conscripted to some NGO peace keeping group, and forced to do community service for at least 5 years for this type of behavior.

  4. честно, смотрел был в шоке. почему не вызвали того-же директора-завуча.

    -это запросто можно квалифицировать как хулиганство со всеми вытекющими. Свидетелей хоть отбавляй + есть видеозапись.

    Стыдно конечно за таких представителей россии.

    • Unfortunately, you see the same thing in the UK. In addition, the UK is soft on crime. Things won’t change until those societies wake up by embracing death penalties and long prison terms that can’t be reduced.

  5. Nice to know that soon American schools will have some company and that Russians will be in the same position.
    You people have a chance to turn it around NOW before it is too late. It’s definitely too late for America, at least for THIS generation, but maybe it’s not too late for yours.
    If you take steps NOW to cut this off completely and send the thugs packing to reform schools where they are beaten into submission you might save your future.
    If you don’t, well then I guess we will see you in hell.

    • Are you kidding? Where do you live? If the kid in this video was from the US, his parents would take the school to court, and some liberal judge would rule in their favor. The ACLU would hold a press conference and proclaim it to be a glorious day for the advancement of minority rights (minority because he is gay, from a minority ethnic group, or whatever.)

      The kid would be on all the TV shows to explain how his teacher misunderstood him, and how he was a victim because he was “different,” etc. Then all the other teachers in the school would be forced to attend “sensitivity” training so they would not upset another student this way in the future.

  6. The same problem exists in the UK. These crazy societies think that it would be terrible to discipline children and that it is the job of the teacher to earn the respect of the children. This would not be tolerated in the US.

    • the world laughs at our education system, but youre right, atleasrt we have that. These people in the video, animals.

      • They laugh, but our education system is actually in much better condition that most of the countries in the EU. The reason they laugh is because of how news stories get distorted throughout Europe. Their television stations play hours upon hours of COPS on tv and they assume that all of america is like what they see on television. In addition, there is an anti-american bias in their media.

    • It may not be tolerated in the US, but it does occur and it does depend upon whether the instructor knows a bit of self-defense and personal combat.

      All teachers should learn and practice at a minimum a bit of Tai Chi Chuan. Good for health and personal combat. I’ve used it to put bullies sitting (and resting) on the floor with minimal effort.

      Next best thing, depending upon school rules, is a tazer.

      — former substitute high school teacher

  7. A direct tazer hit to his abdomen would calm his ass down in a hurry and as a side benefit, impose order in the classroom.

    I’m a former subsitute high school teacher.

  8. The problem is that in England, Scotland, Ireland and other parts of Europe children just don’t receive any discipline. To make matters worse, the socialist programs give the worst offenders the sense that they can be alcoholics and worthless and still receive a flat and food. With the high tax rates, these kids grow up without a dream that exists in the minds of most american children. In otherwords, European children learn early on that working harder offers little opportunity because they will be spending so much on taxes and a guaranteed lifestyle. As a result, you have large numbers of 13 and 14-year old girls having children. The birthrate among children is far higher than in the US. So with little to live for, you also get a large drunken and violent population.

    Unfortunately, Europeans have a distorted view of life in America. They get 5-hours of COPS a night and think that the program is a mirror of the entire US. Then they get some whacked out view that all Americans carry guns and that we are constantly shooting each other. The fact is most americans don’t have guns and we support gun control.

    • You are either dilluded or dishonest. Go to the UK or Russia and see it for yourself. Their societies are disintegrating at a much faster pace than societies in North America.

  9. “Свидетели” его только поддерживали и подстрекали!!! Там весь класс сажать надо вместе с их придурками родителями. Такие случаи на каждом шагу в России, не надо бояться правды братья россияне )))

  10. You know, that classroom looks really familiar, it looks like the same exact classroom thats shown in a video uploaded every couple weeks on this website. In these videos, the same thing seems to happen. It’s really weird, almost like it doesn’t really take place in reality, like it’s staged. I’m actually not being sarcastic here, though, but I am wondering aloud as to whether it’s just one of those things that don’t happen often and is touted (usually by the media) in order to ellicit moral panic.

    I mean look at all the comments here, everyone is basically denouncing this sort of behaviour. Perhaps this isn’t as widespread as feared? Not to say moral panic is bad, it’s probably a natural societal function in order to improve society.

    But still

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  12. Why doesn’t the teacher react at all?
    Besides the problem of the student, there is a huge problem with the teacher. Such a person shouldn’t be a teacher at all. She seems to be shy and have sense of inferiority. Such people attract criminals and, by their behavior and lack of reaction, let themselves be mobbed.

  13. that guy is already in jail. there Russians hate if someone offends their teachers. so be carefull and dont look strait at their thechers by your eyes, these guys could kill you fast 🙂

  14. This is supposed to be english russia.
    If there’s no english or english subtitles, don’t show it! this makes no sense…..

  15. Учи английский, дорогой,

    Буржуи сочуствуют русским и говорят что у них то же самое и даже хуже.

  16. ума нет чё поделать…
    скорее всего провинция.
    воспитания никакого..уёбки да и только.

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