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  1. Funny how i just watched Charlie Wilson’s War and saw the freaks using american stingers to shoot these down oh and ur not first

  2. Su-25 is not fighter, but more an attack plane like US A-10, A-4 and other A series. Su-25 is almost useless against flying targets, but very useful to attack tank formations or nomads on horses.

      • –“taliban are on the verge of defeat….just like al qaeda in Iraq…”. HAHAHAH!!! Too bad you can’t see this post (and your totally mistaken butthurt reply) today, Jan, 2016.

  3. I read that attack/fighter aircrafts were not very successful in Afghanistan due to rugged terrain, small and fast-moving targets and their relatively high speeds.
    Surprisingly, even Mi-24s, the symbols of the war, were supposedly not as efficient as transport Mi-17 equipped with bolt-on weaponry.

  4. “Surprisingly, even Mi-24s, the symbols of the war, were supposedly not as efficient as transport Mi-17 equipped with bolt-on weaponry.”

    Are you serious? I don’t disagree, because I don’t know. It’s just that I’ve never heard or read that before.

    Why would an Mi-17 be better? That is very interesting. Maybe I’ve watched too many war films with that awesome Mi-24. 🙂


    • I was surprised, too.
      The information comes from the book written by Czech non-fiction writer who based it on the works of ex-Soviet veterans of the war (these books are listed, but unavailable to me). It says that “Many veterans insist that Mi-17 was better than Mi-24 when deployed in close combat missions as it was possible to remove the cargo door and mount two twin machine guns into the openings for the protection of the chopper´s rear and sides…” etc.
      I must admit that although bookshops are overflowing with the books about WWII, there is very little literature available about the Afghanistan war in CZ – I guess the topic is on the very fringe of reader´s interest.
      At least one book of those used for the research is available in English and online for those who like reading books while sitting in front of their computer (I don´t):

      • That makes sense, and it’s another excellent example of how soldiers adapt equipment in the field, and how sometimes the thing everyone assumed would be the most effective is not . . . at least not in every case.

        I guess the additional small-arms coverage–or “flank security”–of the door gunners makes the difference. The guns mounted on the door not only would cover the left and right flanks, but probably had a broad arc of fire (depending on how far into the door they were mounted, width of doorway, etc.), whereas the guns in the nose of a Mi-24 have a limited arc, and even that is pointing forward.

        The timing of this post is great because I just found a copy of “Afghan Tales–Stories from Russia’s Vietnam” by Oleg Yermakov, published in 1991. (I was lucky enough, and surprised, to come upon it in a stack of used books for sale). The author info says Yermakov spent two years (1980-1981) in Afghanistan. It should be interesting.

        Thanks again for the info, and thanks for the link to the book. It should be a good one. I’ll check it out soon.

  5. The second image looks like a takeoff error? He still has those FAB250 bombs on his wings. I think any pilot would have gotten rid of those things if he had time.

  6. better get it done before Bush leaves office
    once black Barack Osama gets into office the troops are coming home

    • Wow. I’m still digesting the deep meaning of that profound statement, but somehow I already know that someone of your intellect is right at home here at ER. Welcome, brother!

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  8. The Su-25 was a close support battle plane, like the A10 wartog, not a fighter.
    Thus, they fly really low in range of handguns and Stingers.
    It s amazing, how the pilot landen with the plane fully loaded with weaponry.
    They can carry a lot of it, it was a good plane. Just ask the pilots.

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  10. yep, its great plane.
    especially latest mod SU-25CM Frogfoot II.
    or designated tank killer SU-39[two-seats, armed with precision striking munitions).

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