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  1. What is the recipe? Water, spirit and sweets. Cause the word “vodka” from russian word “voda” = “water” vodka = water with spirit.

  2. If they only use Skittles for the color then why couldn’t you go to the store and get some food colors instead? Maybe they don’t work on spirits? dunno..

  3. It would be a real pain in the butt to sepperate out all of the different skittles colors. Just go buy a mixer or some orange soda if you want a fruit taste and color.

  4. Say, I’m visiting Russia in a few weeks. I’ve tried some Russian vodka before, and came away with the impression that even very cheap vodka in Russia is far superior to most of what we drink in the states (which is why I don’t drink much vodka).

    Can anyone recommend a decent, fairly cheap, really awesome vodka to me? And would you mind writing the name in Cyrillic then explaining how to pronounce it?

  5. I’ve got an Uzbekistan friend that gave me some crazy, powerful vodka that made me wobbly after just two shots and went down smooooooooooooth.

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  9. These pictures are from my instructable. I’m not Russian, so I’m not sure why this ended up here. The recipe can be found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Shoot-the-Rainbow-Skittles-Vodka/

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  12. This is actualy a nice idea to color up some vodka standing here in my kitchen. Pretymuch all of my stored liquer have no color what so ever. I’m gonna pick up some Skittles at the shop tomorrow, if they still sell those offcourse, haven’t seen skittles in a realy long time tho. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’ve been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I’m thinking of linking to your posts from my site , just let me know if it’s feasible , thanks !

  14. Russia is motherland of vodka.You will be strange to know that russian taste vodka is being distilled in Pakistan by http://www.murreebrewarry.com. It awailable in different russian brandes and colours.Its expanding sale has broken all records in Pakistan.

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