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  1. I agree w/LiraNuna, this is very good work! But I see no mechanism(s) that would facilitate any sort of movement??? Maybe they do create “moving dragon sculptures”, but the one shown isn’t one of the moving ones, unless there are other pics we aren’t seeing.

    • These dragons don’t need mechanisms to facilitate any sort of movement. The physical attributes were molded by the cult members so that the demonic spirit would have a body to enter. Why? Because cult members grew tired of demon spirit possessing their bodies and then throwing them under the St. Petersburg subway cars, having sex with St. Petersburg area farm animals, and visiting the St. Petersburg offices of the British Council.

      Now maybe they will have peace.

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  3. Why make the design so flawed? How many days would it survive when the biggest thing it can eat is a rabbit, thanks to those silly horns that would keep all bigger prey out of reach for its mouth.

    Also, you can rest pretty sure that thing isn’t gonna move save for perhaps tilt its head a couple of inches or the fibreglass will splinter.

    Texture looks good though.

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