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    • That is exactly what they want you to think, and it is a trademark technique used by the infamous Vietnamese General Cao Van Thiem (the little guy) and Russian special operative Vasily Petrov (rank unknown due to secreteve nature of his activities and closely guarded personnel file). I’m sure they are now operating under false names.

      They had a notorious reputation for rooting out and compromising British agents. They had an uncanny ability to enter gay bars or discos (I repeat myself) frequented by agents of MI-5 and MI-6, seduce them, and lure them back to their room which was of course wired for video and sound.

      One of our best counter-intelligence teams went after Petrov and Van Thiem, but they disappeared and we did not hear from them for a long time. They were presumed dead, but later they surfaced in Jamaica. Sadly, by that time they had been severely compromised as cocaine addicts and starring in a bi-racial gay porno nightly way-off-Broadway play called “Caribbean Queens.”

  1. I think this is the same bunch of drunken rusiian tank drivers that drove their tank into that farmhouse several months ago.

  2. I am unclear about the background of the holiday.
    Is it meant to celebrate the frontier guards who shot at those who tried to flee from the worker´s paradise for the green pastures of colorful capitalism during the times of USSR?

  3. where are the beautiful girls?
    where are their pretty faces, great bodies and astonishing smiles?

    in the 1st picture, there is a skinny man, but he becomes even smaller next to the fat guy in his front.
    the fat one is so big, that i think he is exerting a gravitational field over the skinny one

  4. If this is what the young men in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine/Poland are like, it’s no wonder your women are looking outside the country for their men. All I see is a bunch of drunken slobs.

    (Married to a Belarussian girl, and I couldn’t be happier if it was raining money. She’s AMAZING!)

  5. The big guy in the middle of the first photo . . . didn’t he have the star role in an opera recently? I don’t think he was really a Frontier Guard. He just saw the party and thought he could sing his way into some free beer and vodka. Smart man. 🙂

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  8. You make it sound like its bad! Guess what, it makes Russian men happy to live like this – unconstrained by your uptight western mores. Who’s got the right to prevent them from being happy? In their own way, they are enlightened. All part of the mysterious russian soul…

    And guess what, Russian women still love them 😉

  9. Knowing Russians and being familiar with Americans I would say that Americans would never beat Russians in a war. Never. Answer is as simple as it gets: Americans value life, Russians not. Where fat or distrofic Russian guy drink another bottle and fearlesly go forward, American would make three steps back thinking about colege, house and family.

  10. They’re all just whooping it up. Looks to me like they’re just having a good time. More people should have as much fun.

  11. Almost all those things you say are true, only the reason you give is wrong. If you look at Soviet demographics in the 80’s (for example) you’ll see that men lived longer than in 90’s, population was rising untill the collapse of the USSR. Of course drinking is part of Russia culture, but alchocholism is something of the 90’s. BTW birth rates in Russia are higher than in most western country’s, but so is the dead rate. So nothing wrong with the little guys :)) You can look it up at wikipedia or http://www.cia.gov .

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