22 Stalin – Clown?

Stalin – Clown?

Some visitors of English Russia claim that Stalin was a clown. Well, it was an empty bull without evidences but now there
is a photo fact for this statement. Straight from Russian ex-classified archives, rare shot of Joseph Stalin.
Estonian train hit car 1

40 Train And BMW

Train And BMW

In Estonia trains chase cars and hit them later,
leaving soil and flowers on the place.
Russian coffin shaped resaurant in Ukraine 1

32 Coffin Shaped Restaurant

Coffin Shaped Restaurant

"Be seated in the free coffin of your choice", this is how visitors are
being greeted in this new coffin-shaped restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine.
Moscow undergrounds 1

27 The Underground Moscow

The Underground Moscow

Right beneath the Moscow downtown with its extra-costly realty lies ex-KGB dungeons. They are still full functioning and access is not so easy and
still nobody knows the exact location and plan of those underground man-made caverns of Moscow but some parts of them now open for the
Russian car 1

21 The Super Mario Lada

The Super Mario Lada

In Russia they have
Super Mario Ladas.
Police in Ukraine 1

32 Ukrainian Police

Ukrainian Police

Police in Ukraine has
an extra job to do.
Russian police 1

25 Police Special Device

Police Special Device

Moscow road police now uses special hi-tech devices for extra clear
view of the road under control. Click more to see them in action:
50 Jimmi Jimmi

Jimmi Jimmi

Many Russians don't like the migrants from the ex-Soviet Southern states who come to modern Russia and do different hard jobs for less,
but this guy is cool, at least he knows 3 languages: Hindi, his native Tajikistanian and Russian, and he can sing and dance.
Unique shots from Russia 1

34 Unique Shots

Unique Shots

These two photos are pretty unique. The first shows the tradition of Russian astronauts, according to it just before taking their seats inside of the space ship they have to take a leak upon the wheel of the bus which takes them to the launching site.
I don't know who started this tradition but they say all of them do, including these two from the latest Russian space program launch. This is the first time it has been caught on film for already 40 years of space launches.
life in russia 1

32 Daily Russia

Daily Russia

Submitted shots from Russian
streets. Submit your own too.

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