The Real S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

playing stalker for real 1

These guys play popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game for real. They on purpose go to the Chernobyl area of the nuclear disaster explosion site dress in Stalker themed cloths and play, even involving armored vehicles and real guns. And that’s all just a few yards away from the disaster site, the place where there is still a high dose of radiation in the soil.

playing stalker for real 2

playing stalker for real 3

playing stalker for real 4

playing stalker for real 5

playing stalker for real 6

playing stalker for real 7

playing stalker for real 8

playing stalker for real 9

playing stalker for real 10

playing stalker for real 11

playing stalker for real 12

playing stalker for real 13

playing stalker for real 14

playing stalker for real 15

playing stalker for real 16

playing stalker for real 17

playing stalker for real 18

playing stalker for real 19

playing stalker for real 20

playing stalker for real 21

playing stalker for real 22

playing stalker for real 23

playing stalker for real 24

playing stalker for real 25

playing stalker for real 26

playing stalker for real 27

playing stalker for real 28

playing stalker for real 29

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50 thoughts on “The Real S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”

  1. This is not the Chernobyl area, of course. The only image that really refers to that it the last one with the sarcophagus, but even that is photoshopped (very poor work). I’ve seen enough real photos of the structure from that angle to be sure of that. See this one, for examample:

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  3. faker than fake. i’ve been there and there is so much stuff around the sarcophagus as well. poor effort.

  4. I’ll call a fake and a FAIL!! Those guys have German arm patches on and NATO equipment. The photo of the reactor is obviously a fake. Gotta do better than that.

    • I am telling you it is Frau Merkel and her expansionist philosophy at work. First she sends military to Afghanistan to harrass a poor Taliban man and build a little Germania, and now these German troops ARE in fact in Western Ukraine, secretly training to complete what they started in WWII.

      We must get this wild woman in the sack with a manly man like Lukashenko who can tame her desires before she tries to annex Poland!

      • “First she sends military to Afghanistan to harrass a poor Taliban man”
        So what the Taliban are evil cowards who kill women for no reason and export opium to the world. They should all be exterminated from the planet.

  5. “The guy on 2nd photo wears a NATO gear, with German badge…”

    It’s pretty normal to see that. Germany IS part of NATO.

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  8. Seriously, all you naysayers need to get a life. These guys were obviously having a great time, and above that managed to grab some awsum shots.

    You asshats are either just jealous for not accomplishing anything even remotely as cool as this, or just extremly fu***ng dumb. Either way, it’s your loss…

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  10. I think us naysayers aren’t so much trying to prove anything as much as we don’t like being lied to. This is being listed as truth.

  11. Not too sure about the “real guns” claim. Looks like a giant airsoft skirmish to me (backed up by the shot of BBs next to the rusty shell casings). Good idea tho.

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  15. блин, весело. где так можно оторваться?

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    • looool

      The bugs – that would have to be all those nitwits complaining that the RussiaEnglish-group is only PLAYING they’re shooting eachother up.

      Totally nice this is. A futuristic wargame you could live and breathe. Love the game also, I’ve been marathoning SoC & CS last two weeks and am completly bugeyed by now

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  19. Yea, I believe these guys are in either Germany or Austria, one of the 2. Though there is a Ukrainian Airsoft group that is organising a 5000 person strong STALKER Role Playing game in Ukraine sometime in 2010, but its obviously not in the Zone.

  20. 1. it’s not chernobyl or pripyat
    2. it’s not real guns! it’s airsoft models
    3. this game is based on video games in the plot which can be ammunition NATO!
    4. IT’S COOL! Well done guys!

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  22. I really like the photos, I don’t care if some are fake or not it really looks similar to the game. I really enjoyed those 2 games ( Shadow & Clear sky ). You really felt like you were exploring dangerous areas.

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  24. Wow. I bet there all single too.
    Stalker is a cool game ( all 3 ), but know when to draw the line.

    Why don’t you go there and get radiation poisoning, just like the game!!!!

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  26. Well .. to be honest I dunno if this thing is real ,bt if it is real then there must be a huge company behind this whole thing >>ND IT WILL BE AMAZING .. I really loved the whole Idea nd wishing to go there .. bt for those who suspect the photos .. I dunno if ur r8 or nt ,bt here’s some facts .. look at pic number 18 nd 20 . Well they show that sm REAL STALKERS .. so if u dunt mind explain to me what happend to that poor man’s face?? nd Why does he nd pic #18 has a STALKER BADGE ??
    Eeven though it is like u said an AIRSOFT game .. in the end they’re jst tryn to create the same atmosphere that was in that GREAT GAME>> LOL


      Photoshop at its finest, the pics are cool though, I think they had a great time there, but there are alot of reasons they cant play airsoft there.
      1) They will die
      2) They will die
      3) They will die
      If they are so close to the reactor.
      And the shot with the reactor is fake, cuz there is a fence whit a gate and an asphalt road.
      Awesome pics and photoshop skills, though!

  27. STALKER is one of the best video games ever made.I think it was designed by Russians and I congratulate them on a such an extraordinary accomplishment.


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