Climb the Power Line

Guy climbed the powerline in Russia 1

This happened in Ryazan city, Russia a few days ago. This guy you see on the picture has came to this city from his distant village in Dagestan, Southern Russia. He came by train and was hoping that he would be warmly met right on the railway station by his relatives in this city. After he stepped out of the train he found nobody and got so offended by this miserable act of his kindred that he decided the best way to show express his hard feelings would be to climb on the nearest power line and stay there for some time until the crowd would be attracted. So he did, and so the crowd has gathered and the police was called together with a psychologist. These were long negotiations but finally he got down.

Guy climbed the powerline in Russia 2

Guy climbed the powerline in Russia 3

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16 thoughts on “Climb the Power Line”

    • he just went up so he could see as far as the next station down, maybe he got off on the wrong stop, and was checking

  1. He should have carried some optical equipment. He could hold onto the tower with one hand, while holding the optics in his other hand so he could spy into the windows of nearby apartments, hoping to see a nice naked woman . . . or two . . . maybe together . . . locked in a pssionate embrace . . . and–oops, he leaned too far out and lost his grip!

  2. Typical ER “journalism”. There isn’t a big crowd down there. The whole story is made up to sell these boring photos.

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