11 thoughts on “The Mortal Kombat”

  1. very humorous for russians. I guess they do greenscreen+flash animation too.

    oh, one more thing…


    but srsly, ja

  2. you can’t understand this joke since you are 8 years old and never heard of mortal combat. now go back to watching noddy

  3. Nice animation, for some reason (I know the audio is from Mortal Kombat) but doesn’t it remind anybody of Way of the Warrior for the 3D0? The animation is similar and choppy a la Way of the Warrior. Great job though.

  4. haha
    yeah, you guys have to be russians and watch russian tv to fully understand this. there ae some jokes that you did not get.
    btw, this was on KBH show on Channe One Russia


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