7 thoughts on “Panorama of Moscow back from 1901”

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  2. _THE SAD DESTRUCTION OF THE COMMUNIST SOVIET SYSTEM_(where Unemployment was unknown)—-Confessions of a “Sovokopniy” by poet Alex Zinoviev—-I belong to the many such “sovoks” whose silent acquiescence destroyed the Soviet Union and the Soviet socialist structure in Russia and in other parts of the Soviet Union. Until the present day I was afraid to admit this to myself, analyzing and imagining all kinds of excuses for that which occurred during the Gorbachev and Yeltsin years. And yet, in the institute where i worked for over thirty years, they told me that as a result of privatization and reorganization my services were no longer required. I had known that sooner or later this would happen. I was waiting for that moment. And naturally, I was prepared for it.But, when they officially notified me of this it sounded to me like a death sentence. Loss of a collective, against it there is now no cure. ____________________________________________________________


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