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  1. The 5th pic down with the fast food on the car, those are some good eats. I always keep a variety of things like that on hand for long train trips. Never got sick or anything from eating them. Very tasty homemade fast food.

    • No one? It appears to matter a lot to you. As an American who had other things to learn and other work to do, I don’t know enough of the history (Russia vs Ukraine or USSR vs Ukraine). So I’m not choosing a side. But I get it there are issues. As a visitor I care that they are important to some.

      If some of these comments are just nationality-jokes, we do those, here in the U.S.A. In Montana they are told as North-Dakota jokes. Of course the Wehrmacht never marched backwards into North Dakota by telling the sentry at the border they were leaving. But you get the idea. In West-Virginia they tell of the time the most brilliant man in Ohio moved to West-Virginia–and cut the collective intelligence of both states by half.

      Humor can be hard to detect in print. But if that’s all this was, it’s within the grasp of Americans. Best regards, all.

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