26 thoughts on “Pre-communist Russia’s Dirigibles”

    • AGA, that’s probably a Russian naval flag. The airship appears to be a French Lebaudy type that was sold to Russia in 1909. A Russavia reference identifies the craft in Photo 8 as the “Condor”, another French-built airship.

    • You know of course that the czar at the time was close relative of the English king, so there was very much in common. I know about these things because that entire extended inbred family–the English branch and the Russian branch–tried to take over my beloved Persia, along with all the world, for many years.

      As a matter of fact, my great-grandfather was a freedom fighter even then, and he used to raid the camps of Russian soldiers in the north near the Caspian Sea and the parlors of English gentry who tried to colonize Tehran. It was very brave and daring work. Once he was almost caught inside such a parlor when the Englishman returned home early. My great-grandfather only escaped capture because the wife of the Englishman hid him under the hem of her skirt, as she was used to having him between her legs anyway.

        • I am not certain about all of his exploits as they were not properly recorded in history books. You see, most of what I know of him I learned through stories I heard as a child bouncing on my father’s knee or suckling at my mother’s breast, which they made me stop doing when I was nine years old.

      • On behalf of my putative ancestors, I am horrified, sir, to think that any Englishwoman of breeding would so accomadate the swarthy Mohammedan.
        On the other hand, I was wondering why I tan like that.

  1. Maybe the flag has the union jack because the Russians like England? Afterall all Russian train stations are called Victoria xD

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  5. __250 YEARS OF RUSSIAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY__————Article published in the American “Popular Science” magazine in 1994 by Mariette Dichristina describing discoveries from 1742 (37 in all)to the Mendeleyev chemical elements table and the Russian emegries to the US contribution like Dobzhansky in genetics, Struve in stars chemical makeup, Igor Sikorsky with the development of the helicopter, and Zworykin’s ionoscope early TV systems, with many illustrations and photos, was Fascinating

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