24 thoughts on “The Flying Vibrators”

  1. wow. he so deserves it. no non-russian should ever comment on russias political processes. especially one of judaic blood. he should be sent to a camp.
    The azeri jude should be made wear a star on his head. or rather branded with a star since he is just another provocative american agent.

  2. heehee AGA that was funny. Yes a fine example of the leaping cock slap performed with textbook precision.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WpYWpN0VXU – now you know WHO invented the breakdance. YO!


    with original music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WpYWpN0VXU

      • Which results ?

        Putin and his boyfriend don’t care a second about the common man. They care about ‘greatness’ and ‘world power’ and ‘Russia, strong nation’ and are making the average guy believe that’s important. Playing on nationalist feelings and patriotism. Creating enemies inside and outside the borders to unite the people. Old trick.
        But no food on the table and poor prospects for the average Russian. Try shopping for groceries in Moscow at a standard supermarket. Without buying anything out of the ordinary you easily spend 50 dollars p/person p/day. There you are with your 150 dollar p/month pension. Middle class in Russia is having an income of approx. 1000 dollars p/month. And most people are below middle class… 12 % is still living of 2 dollars or less p/day…

        Kasparov seems more genuine to me.

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  5. what does he say ?
    does Kasparov really suck in politic (regardless of any sexual relation) ? here in europe we kinda like him for being against Putin … is he really not good at politics ?
    thanks for reply

    • Being against Putin does not imply being smart or being really worrying about people.
      He is no more than ordinary contractor of some U.S. organization that is in tight relations with U.S. officials, and he do his ordinary job at his position titled “Russian political activist in opposition”. If you like to be in reall opposition to Putin — welcome to Zuganov’s communists. Even if I dislike communists I should say that this is the only reall opposition that acts as a political group should act. They really talk to people, they really agitate in regions and they really participate in solving everyday routine questions in local authorities. Kasparov do nothing except “being except Putin” and I’m not sure whether he will do anything else even if he is in Putin’s shoes.

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