The Health Minister

Russian minister 1

Well, we shouldn’t forget that even the ministers are common people, and such a small trouble as a hole on the stocking can happen even to this Russia lady – the Minister of Health, even when she meets The President.
But when the photo was released to general public it was corrected to show the polished perfection of the minister.

Russian minister 2


22 thoughts on “The Health Minister”

    • Your comment is as big as your ego. It was a joke. But I guess you can’t laugh at it, if you don’t know their intention.

  1. Cosmetic corrections to press photos are common and accepted. It’s not like the ‘photoshopping’ that the Soviet propaganda used to do.

  2. This is nothing. On the US president George Bush they have had to photoshop a pair of trousers on every public photo since he refuses to wear anything but underwear.

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  4. And, I have a question – how do I know, which photo is correct? maybe that is you, who make the hole there – and put that picture…

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