Cutting Trees

cuttings trees in Russia 1

In Russia they now fight with dangerous stand-alone old trees in the residential areas of many cities.
They can’t just come and saw them of – in this case the tree can fall down and hurt nearby cars people or structures so they need to climb each tree and start cutting it from the top till reaching the basement of the tree near the ground.

cuttings trees in Russia 2

cuttings trees in Russia 3

26 thoughts on “Cutting Trees”

  1. The problem is that most trees in Russia are birches (or so they tell you) as opposed to this tree. Which are like the whitest trees ever with blond hair… err I mean leaves. That’s pretty much the least emo tree you can find.

    That tree in the article *does* look emo I must say… Look at the branches arranged to one side and cut marks on the bark.

  2. wtf this is a story on how they cut a tree down? They cut them worldwide like this not special russian way thats gay.

  3. How hot is the guy cutting the tops of the trees? I ask you, is there anything better in life than a glimpse of a hot, sweaty Russian late-teen getting all manly with a chain saw? Mmmm, mmmm!

  4. Yes, and arriving at the solution to the mathematical problem I was presented with, required a very in-depth knowledge of Physics.

    Good thing I ate my Wheeties! I wonder if there is a Russian equivalent?

  5. You are correct, but I out-smarted the administrator and hired an excellent team of Persian mathematicians and set them up in a special building I call the Persian Puzzle Palace, where they work their wizardry with advanced computers and an old abacus to quickly break the Russian’s math code. As for being a “freak,” I sympathize and invite you to take the advice of my friends in classic disco band “Chic”–it’s what I do when I see the math codes and start to go crazy–

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    From one freak to another,
    M. Ahmadinejad

    • Thank’s for amusing me, its always nice to see someone write so much all for you. I am sorry though, that I am not good at wwriting poetry or literature.

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  7. Does that photo tell me that Russians have storage places, like Americans do, to store tons of their junk? Disappointed….lol!


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