13 thoughts on “The Steel Producing Plant”

    • It sounds to me as if you are describing Persian workers. Male Persian workers were original models for muscular men who formed famous band “Village People.”

      Stop taunting my Russian friends. They have had the hard life, but when Medvedev controls world finance he will show the Indians a thing or two for selling out to the West.

  1. That last gentleman, sitting down too eat, does not look thrilled to be having his picture taken. Relax comrade! All of us bad Americans are safely quarantined within the internet, and therefore can do you harm. Care for a twinkie?

    • That’s because he is a veteran of Afghanistan (see his cap and trademark naval infantry T-shirt?), with bitter memories of how his unit was constantly ambushed by holy warriors who enjoyed taunting Russian soldiers by showing their testicles to the Russian sniper’s scope, then turning away behind the rock just as the bullet whizzed by.

      He still lives the war. He still sees hairy mujahadeen testicles in his dreams. You can see it in his eyes. Don’t touch his food, if you are smart.

  2. I’ve always considered Russians as the masters of the Metalurgical Industry, and the stuff they can do with titanium is also very impressive.

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