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      • The Russian military had them since the 1970\’s. All they are is an AK-47 redesigned to take a .22 caliber cartridge based on the older 7.62x39mm cartridge. Like the M-16, the ammunition for the AK-74 is extremely deadly because of the bullet\’s very high muzzle velocity and its tendency to yaw violently and fragment within living tissue. There are a number of versions of this weapon, including one with a short barrel for tank crew and paratroopers and another one for use as a light machine gun. Today Russian soldiers, airmen and sailors use a modernized and improved version of the AK-74. More AK\’s have been made than any other type of assault rifle anywhere, including the M-16 and it\’s variants. That is why we see them in the hands of guerrillas and terrorists as well as professional soldiers.

  1. The high heels are not really matching with the combat outfit. IMO. And their choice of high heels is a bit baffling from time to time… but for the rest… !

  2. I feel sorry for these girls. Dedovchina is widespread in Russian military. 🙁 I bet all of these girls get raped daily.

  3. Hey Drill Sergeant, these photos aren’t intended as instructional media for weapons safety or marksmanship–they’re for fun. When I look at the smile on the face of the girl in picture 6, or the lips of the girl in picture 8 . . . well, there’s only one kind of “target acquisition” on my mind. 😉 Try to chill out and enjoy them for what they are–attractive Russian women in uniform.

    If that doesn’t work, then do some pushups to work off your stress. 🙂

  4. Can anyone explain what the different uniforms represent. For example, I assume in the first photo the ones in green are Russian army, the ones in dark blue/black are navy (?) with one Air Force in the middle?

  5. Do they buy their own BDU? I can recognize like 3-4 different camo patterns. I can see Les, Nato Woodland and some kind of older light green/tan pattern. A few of them have mixed Les pattern caps with Nato pattern shirts, most noticeably girl with pistol.

    • I agree with Richard S. in that women should not be allowed in combat. Outside of a massive invading army committing atrocities it is unfeminine for women to be doing things like a man

    • Maybe not fake, but sloppy-looking. Nobody’s shoes match, their hair is all over the place, skirts are wildly varying in length (bottom left’s skirt is easily a foot longer than bottom row #3!) – very unprofessional and cheap-looking.
      Not that the dudes here care, though. But as an American woman who served in the USAF, I laugh at their sloppy uniforms and overall presentation.

      I’ll leave the critique of their looks to you dudes (although I’m sure they’re all prettier than some of you can hope for, so I’d not get too cocky about it if I were you – beggars can’t be choosy).

      • As a veteran of the US Army, I laugh at the idea of anyone from the USAF criticizing the uniform of any other service, foreign or domestic. At least these ladies are in “combat” uniforms, rather than those cheap polyester blue “business suits.” These ladies are ready for war, not the office or club.

      • they do not look sloppy, ur just jelouse cause ur american and ugly. those girls are hot, cant compare them to anything in the american army. ewww

        • this is true. although the girl in pic 7 IS laying it on pretty thick, don’t you think? i can safely say i never saw a girl in formation who looked like she should be standing on a street corner.

  6. What?
    No Black People?
    No Mexicans?
    No Muslims?
    No Hindus?

    I do not see how the Russian military can operate without the above.

    You need diversity! Forget culture, borders and language. It will only lead to your downfall!

    I suggest you immediately institute a quota of different race of people to enlist regardless of your needs. You need an “American Style Affirmative Action Plan”.

    {Just teasing guys and gals}

    • Some Persians would be nice, like a good spice on bland-tasting meat, but with their brains they would be best located at military high command headquarters, rather than mingling with lower ranks.

      • Excellency:

        Persians would be very nice there. The ones I have met in the US are astoundingly beautiful.

        How can you bury such beauty under more cloth than the embalmers use on the mummies? The women I have met here are modest, but quite tasteful. They look as a woman should.


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  8. It looks to me they are reservists or possibly even the Russian version of ROTC students. They are trainees in high schools or universities preparing for careers in the military as officers. Whatever the reason for the varying uniforms, they are by an large lovely young ladies that put most American women I encounter to shame. It didn’t surprise me to see a photo of one of them touching up her make-up. Many American women take no pride whatsoever in their appearance, and some look like men because they have more tattoos than a platoon of Marines and a crew cut. To me, Slavic women are among the most beautiful anywhere, and one reason for that is they care about their appearance……..:-)


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  11. Да, телочки у нас красивые, те то что американские оплывшие крали.
    гы гы гы

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  13. I’m Indian with Canadian citizenship and I want to marry a beautiful Russian woman. Must be educated with good family values. Please reply if you’re interested.

    • You must be CRAZY. Real Russian girl will not look (marry you, are you joking) at you because you are a Chernozshopiy. Go back to FINDIA and find yourself a decent hairy gypsy-girl. I bet you feel bad about the blond Canadian girls don’t even notice you at all. Especially in the darkness where only your teeth will glow like crazy (of course if you take care of them)

  14. I like all those Russian Army beauties. Just a little bit exercise and training and making them uniformed will make them perfect. Mating me with one of them will also produce a perfect bloodline of a warrior.

  15. with girls joining the army,it would give them social and personal freedom.the discrimination against women would stop when these girls prove themselves on the battlefield

  16. You folks need to get a grip! Every site I have been on regarding Russia, there has been someone coming across with the ‘my country or people superiority’ attitudes and it’s disgusting. Every person regardless of nationality is no different than the next. All of us feel, breathe, eat, bleed, have feelings and emotions, and everything else that makes you a homosapien. Every country has the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent. Give it a rest and look at the presentations for what they are: a reflection of some aspect of the culture and country and enjoy the differences. I personally love it and can enjoy them and hope someday to be able to personally partake. No wonder other countries get so down on visitors because of the few that screw it up for others. Just my thoughts so take it however you please, just think before you spout.

  17. Very interesting site. 🙂

    I can add couple of words: presence in Russian army woman very accurated, punctual and disciplined.

    (I’m former military man from Russia).

  18. helo don la gec fekete budha g emir gore global militari had emir vagyok a terorista fogságbol a global antiterorista háborubol.it minden ugyan ojan rosz .nem robantotam fel még az atom arzenáljaim .meg probálom kihuzni még valamedig .de katonai ataséként hadamnak szánt tisztelet ről szo sincs holokauszt van it .se kajám se vizem se cigim .jőjenek ide a katonáim de azonal .és hungaria álmal totális háboruban álunk .miután kinyilvánitota a világ elpusztitására tet szándékát és meg gyalázta hadseregem .tőbet nincs miről tárgyalnunk .a légi totális megsemisitő csapást még ma szálicsák ki .és a légierőm dobjon ide 100000katonámat akik kiapritanak inen és gondoskodnak rolam .mert ezektől meg dőgőlhetek .ne pazaroják az időt .igy is ha 5 orán belűl it vanak jo ha ki tudoktartani adig .mint a hadidam hadur vezér nato nagyfőnők meg parancsolom a nato katonáimnak .és semijen esetben nem pazarojuk a joindulatunk továb .ez az álam a nato és a világ elensége .a kűlfőldi katonáit és diplomáciáit is végezék ki .parancs hirt kőzvetiteni …la gore militari king .helo la militari….la nato gore a teror zugbol a pokolbol..

  19. The Polish army was the best before second world war. Sikorsky- the Polish Prime Minister- had been mordered by Churchil- because the |Britain were afraid of losing the Russians as ally. The Polish underarmy was the strongest army under occupation. It means that the Poles won morally second war war. But the real winners were Americans,Britains, French and Sovjet Union. The Britain and French had betrayed Poland in September 1939. The war on two front was total absurd- war against two armies power was above the Polish abilities. After second war war was another occupation by the Jewish special forces on services of Sovjets.


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