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  1. Interesting.

    Did the USSR use SAE sized bolts or Metric sized bolts.

    American motorheads like me want to know….

  2. It don’t looks like a “Tank base”. T-34-85, IS-3, plane (damn, forgot the name) and old AA-missile makes me think that it is one of many surplus bases which planned to use in case of nuclear attack.

  3. I’m not sure what the status is of this old hardware, but I bet Mahmoud Ahmedinejad will want to buy it for his Iranian army! HA HA HA!

    • Actually I would like to lease the property to establish a special summer camp for disaffected youth. The property is remote, secluded, with military-style facilities and training ranges–perfect.

      It will need some modernization in some areas, though, and I would also like to know which is the nearest city with a disco so I will have a place to go after training to relieve the stress of dealing with teenagers.

      Oh, and I will also require new locks for the gate. 😉

        • Oh yeah? If you believe that, then YOU must be dead, my friend–dead in the soul. May I suggest you go out tonight, clear the dumbing-down sideways-hat pants-around-the-knees language-destroying hip-hop lyrics from your brain, and . . .

          Listen to the ground:
          there is movement all around.
          There is something goin’ down
          and I can feel it.

          On the waves of the air,
          there is dancin’ out there.
          If it’s somethin’ we can share,
          we can steal it.

          And that sweet city woman,
          she moves through the light,
          controlling my mind and my soul.
          When you reach out for me
          yeah, and the feelin’ is bright,

          then I get night fever, night fever.
          We know how to do it.
          Gimme that night fever, night fever.
          We know how to show it.

          Wishing you the best in literary lyrical expression,
          M. Ahmadinejad

          • im not those type of ppl who only listen to hip hop. i do from time to time, but i also listen to other stuff like…

            alternative, pop, rnb, techno, dance, country, jazz, rock and roll, classical, rock, indie, punk rock, funk, etc.

            srsly. still, disco is dead. it may have just arrived in iran, but to the rest of the world, it’s ancient history.

            • Okay I like some of those, especially jazz and I also like R&B. When I visit Russia and East Europe I listen to some techno to help get in the mood for some crazy girls.

              So you like country music? Are you familiar with this tradition I hear about from my sleeper agents who travel in American countryside, called “stump-breaking the cow”? What is that? I think I must be getting false reports from “the field.”

              Do you know the country singer whose career crashed, so now he pimps his young daughter to Disney and then had her pose for provocative photos in Vanity Fair magazine? “Billy Joe” something, I think.

              Yours in music appreciation (and family values),
              M. Ahmadinejad

                • We can sell this coroded junkie to you, no problem. It’s a good material to show to the inspectors of International Atomic Energy commission.

                  “You see? We are in pieces. No need for Satan America to invade us. We just belly-dance in dead discos”. That’s the idea.

                  • Dear Dzhugashviliy,

                    I can see that you are a very sophisticated strategist. Are you of Persian decent? Whether you are or not, let’s keep this little idea of yours between friends, okay? No need to alarm everyone.

                    M. Ahmadinejad

  4. Very picturesque!
    I especially like the shots of the idyllic little house peeking from the woods, with a rusty ol’ cannon aimed at it.

  5. Fascinating photos. Were the two tanks in the pictures above used for target practice? It sort of looks like some testing/training range for Russian soldiers. I’m saddened to see such tanks sitting and rotting away. I’ve love to have a tank to run over giant SUV’s and pickups here in the states.

    • That’s a T34-85 turret. The Tigers turret was more square and flat in front. That old IS-3 in the last pic makes me cry, get that to a museum!! Anyway this was probably a training base for tankers.

  6. After the war they had so many different variations of tanks it is tough to remember which is which. It could be an IS-2. I\’m not going to look it up. Lets just say its an IS tank.

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  9. It is Ground engineering Troops near Nakhabino.
    I was there at the bottom. Here is another pictures:

    I – the one with the beard 🙂
    And this – location:

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  15. I think the fisheye lens distorts the turret shape/effect. Note also the 3 side bins. There was a T44M /v.early T54 turret up the top also – cool

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