The Parade Rehearsal

the Russian army parade in Moscow 1

This year they decided to held a big Russian Army parade in Moscow, Russia. Such parades were normal in Soviet Union but were not conducted since the early 90-s of the last century in Russia, after the Soviet Union collapse.
This time we have photos and a pretty long video showing all the stuff they gonna have at this parade at the 9th of May, the day that is celebrated in Russia as “The Victory Day” and they mean the victory in the World War 2. You are first who sees it, thousands of Russian would get the broadcast of the even not earlier than at that day.

the Russian army parade in Moscow 2

the Russian army parade in Moscow 3

the Russian army parade in Moscow 4

the Russian army parade in Moscow 5

the Russian army parade in Moscow 6

the Russian army parade in Moscow 7

the Russian army parade in Moscow 8

the Russian army parade in Moscow 9

the Russian army parade in Moscow 10

the Russian army parade in Moscow 11

the Russian army parade in Moscow 12

the Russian army parade in Moscow 13

the Russian army parade in Moscow 14

the Russian army parade in Moscow 15

the Russian army parade in Moscow 16

the Russian army parade in Moscow 17

the Russian army parade in Moscow 18

the Russian army parade in Moscow 19

the Russian army parade in Moscow 20

the Russian army parade in Moscow 21

the Russian army parade in Moscow 22

the Russian army parade in Moscow 23

the Russian army parade in Moscow 24

the Russian army parade in Moscow 25

the Russian army parade in Moscow 26

the Russian army parade in Moscow 27

the Russian army parade in Moscow 28

the Russian army parade in Moscow 29

the Russian army parade in Moscow 30

the Russian army parade in Moscow 31

the Russian army parade in Moscow 32

and the video:

via russos and vovanko

69 thoughts on “The Parade Rehearsal”

  1. Ah. Comrade Putin demands an anaranistic military parade for all good Soviet…er…Russian citizens 🙂

    You will enjoy it!

    • I don’t know but I like the sound of a superpowered go-go. I hope I am invited. It could be a real bang of a time!

      • You are invited to our big party, with go-go, brain- and hair- washed, superpowered girls bringing nice catalog of flying gears. Lowest commission ever!

  2. Maybe, more likely just weak spots in concrete, where water seeps in behind, then freezes, and knocks out divots in the winter.

  3. It’s just a show for the people. If it was meant to intimidate you superhero Americans, we’d have the parade in Washington. Stop the tinfoil hat party.

  4. Putin and friends are trying to bring back Soviet times. This parade looks exactly like parade from Soviet times. I have been there and seen that. Next you’ll see tightening of control and censorship, new Cheka, new wars, lies, propaganda, people suffering and press and TV collectively shouting and whispering at them about mystical enemies, conspiracy theories, West against Russia etc.
    As a citizen of Baltic states (former USSR), these parades just fill me with fear and sadness.
    Why is this all needed? Will Russia and it’s people ever learn? Why Russians need to demonstrate and applaud to killing machines, to rockets capable to kill millions of people? Why do majority of Russians need this “iron fist”, this “tsar”, now in Putin’s person? Aren’t they capable to think by theirselves? Aren’t they capable to forget USSR and former “glory”, which was paid by people’s tears and blood? Aren’t they capable to move forward and make new Russia, which is with human face?

    • Actually what you are seeing is the greatest economic turnaround in modern history. An exploding middle class, baby boom and skyrocketing GDP in contrast to the collapsing economy and demographics of Baltics. Furthmore unlike Western Europe and USA Russia has the resources to mantian a high standard of living for its people. Got oil and gas?

    • Too bad that you are so blind and uneducated.
      It’s all needed because it’s tradition. Tradition of giving attention to the war, which caused death of millions of people.

      Cheka? new wars? lies? propaganda?? Are you drunk or smth?? Open your eyes kid! USA is the country which today produces all these things in world scale. It’s a new young forming reich, and your government always wanted to destory Russia because of simple envy.

      • You’re right war killed millions of people, but Russia/USSR is not without fault.
        How many people Stalin in USSR killed, how many Ukrainians starved to death? How many people displaced from Baltic states?
        And if you say, that former USSR is not Russia and its crimes are not Russia’s crimes, then why do you make parades and so readily take credit for USSR winning the war?
        I was imagining the worst scenario, and I really hope that Russians will not allow their government to slowly descend back in censorship, state control etc. I don’t want to use word “brainwashing”, because it is over-used and provokes confrontational attitude (no one wants to be brainwashed), but you should sometimes check other opinions, too. That’s what internet is for.
        If you decide to take it into account, here are some sites where you can see the other side of the coin:

        • maybe because ethnic russians were the generals (Zhukov and Koniev) and soldiers of the war, whereas Georgians and Jews orchestrated Stalin’s(A Georgian) purges. The people who are in need of a free and unbiased media are those in the West, particularly USA and Britian where they are fed an unrelenting meal of lies in a pathetic attempt to hold Russia down. They can’t attack Russia like middle east countries so they wage a pathetic war of propoganda through media. Funny thing it doesn’t work. Russia is booming and every Western company wants in:

          Russia foreign investors unfazed by rows with West
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          • That’s really funny. Yeah of course, when war is won, that’s what Russians did. When soldiers raped German women, when Baltic states were annexed, people displaced or starved to death by Stalin, when thousands of Poles were killed in Katyn massacre, that’s Jews and Georgians.

            You seem to keep refusing to discuss anything, just keep repeating the same “us and enemies” theme. That’s very sad, because your political opinion (if you even have any serious opinion) is outdated by about 70-80 years. Nationalism, xenophobia and anti-semitism was in fashion at about 1920th and 1930th.

            To all others reading this discussion – this person is an example of Russia’s nationalists, which are very narrow-minded. Sadly, their number is getting bigger and bigger, thanks to state-controlled television and press, which is orchestrating similar themes.
            This public mood is responsible for extreme “us and them” attitude, which is gaining force in Russia, for skinheads killing immigrants and people of non-Russian looks.
            For a result, view here (site may be NSFW):


  5. Your envy for America is showing. Tell me again why Russian money is worthless outside your country?

    • Actually in 2006 Russian rouble was recognized as a free convertible currency and was assigned an internatonal symbol… just like the dollar or euro or pound… so.. may be in the States it is worthless, but in most countries around europe you can easily exchange it for local currency.

      • That is because the European countries, as always, cower before the might of my friends in Russia. They are like the weak women who give themselves to the rapist in hopes that it will not be as bad as if they resist. Don’t believe me? Ask the Czechs, Hungarians, Poles, Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, and others how their fellow Europeans fled to the edge of the Atlantic and Mediterranean to avoid a fight with the manly warrior Soviets/Russians.

        Only the Finns will resist and fight, but then, they are a crazy people anyway, running about on snowing shoes and skis and shooting their rifles everywhere. I will advise my friends in the Kremlin to go around such a place.

    • The ruble isn’t intended to be international currency. It has the strength to become major, but the conversion would be grueling and pointless. So it doesn’t happen.

      I’m loving the trolling going on here. The average age of scientists is 70? How do you know this? No single major scientific advancement has ever been made by a group of young professors, because none of them ARE young. That’s the point.

      And, uh, the T-90 series of tanks is completely modern, as well as the Black Eagle currently in development. The Russian military is, as ever, shrouded in secrecy, so I’d love to know how you found out everything about what’s being researched. Not to mention that everything in Iraq is from the Cold War.

      Thanks for the bigotry!

    • Actually Goldman Sachs just recommended the rouble as the best currency to hold

      Rouble will be best currency investment: Bloomberg
      According to Bloomberg, the world’s biggest banks are advising the purchase of roubles, betting that Medvedev will promote a policy of strengthening the Russian currency.

      The agency reports that the major global investment banks – Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank – have predicted the rouble will increase by four per cent within the next six months.

  6. LOOOOL. Allies won???
    The allies sat in their bunker for 4 years while the russians were fighting… and only went into attack ‘ cause they were scared Europe would become russian colony intead… waited all the way till 1944 to finally land some manpower in Europe… ’till then everyone except England and in some parts of Greece was beaten and sat quietly without even making a peep.

  7. As if you can compete in electronics with Japan and Korea and China???? name 1 american made brand that can actually still compete??? All electronics are now made in Asia

  8. We do have things like this in the United States. In Ft. Lauderdale they have the air and sea show where they fly B-2’s, B-1B’s, F-22’s, F-16, A-4’s, B-52’s, and other planes. They also do a staged invasion of the beach head by Marines. Also, similar event held in Chicago that marks the end of the summer.

  9. Please Russia and USA, give us another Cold War to cool down the Islamic terrorists and other religious crackpots. The world needs to know who has true power.

    You held atomic weapons in your palms for decades, but had the wisdom not to use them, and even if you did, I would rather die in a nuclear holocaust than live in a worldwide muslim caliphate.

    Peace through Mutual Assured Destruction!

  10. How sad that u live in the past….your a sorry country trying to compete with the rest of the world. The truth is….Your country is a faliure, You women look for American men as husband and thre males die a early age because of to much vodka…….How sad

  11. Something about 1/3 of technics shown on the parade is not so old than you think, for example S400 stands on military duty from 2006. All technics passed modernisation. And even that technics, which were made in USSR 15-20 years ago took the lead over their time. If you’d be more attentive, you can notice that more than half of the militiry in parade carries status ” The most … in the wolrd”. Powerfull, fast, large etc.

    Sorry for poor english)

    As it was already said, the history is on the Russian side, however anнbody like and want it. 30 000 000 of soviet people died for the sake of WORLD’s life

  12. It’s sad that there is so much hate, anger and mistrust that results from choices made by the so called “leaders” of countries. After 911, the US citizens yelled for blood…well…We got it by the truck load. Our governments should not follow the “Mob”. History is full of nations falling to “mob” rule and paying the price.

    Learn from history…don’t repeat it. Maybe one day…someone will, but I feel that I may not see that day when the world’s population wakes up.

    I fear that it will only get worse as the world’s population grows and the resources run low. War and Famine are already loose on the planet, and Pestilence and Death are not far behind them.

    “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind…”

    -John Donne, Meditation XVII-

  13. I am from the U.S. and I looked at the video of the parade and it is very impressive. I would wonder though why anyone would go to the expense of putting on a parade like that. The expense alone of just one of those behemoths with the high cost of diesel fuel and all that. Why is anyone out to produce such monstrous machines to dominate the world and parade them around like a trophy. There are many needy people, starving people, poor people. People in Russia eat many dishes with potatoes in them because it is cheap. When would a nation ever need such monsters like that? And this is a parade practice!!! In the U.S. our parades have Boy Scouts, Shriners, fire trucks, floats, marching bands, and clowns throwing candy. I looked at some of the other pictures and realize what a varied, beautiful country the U.S.S.R. is. It is such a shame that our leaders, both U.S. and Russian have caused such hate, and discontent all because of greed for money and power. I have a 4 bedroom air conditioned house, a 2006 Chrysler, 2 1/2 bathrooms, I can eat steak, salads with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, any kind of salad dressing, wear what I want, go anywhere I want, unlimited travel, and I can say what I please without fear of police action. I consider myself an average American. How many Russians can say that? Somehow I think I am better off here. And I am not bragging, stating fact.

  14. hmm – the american B52 flies since 1952 and is going to be used to 2040 or 2050, so who uses the oldest planes here 🙂 … O course, we all know that none of these planes flies in their original configuration, so no reason to scream senseless patriotism.

  15. Yes I agree that Russia is a super power. However it is incorrect to suggest that they can wipe out any country in less than 30 min. Don’t forget what happened to Russians in Afghanistan. Anyway that is just an answer to your comment otherwise I really love Russia and their army.

  16. Yeah, man! 😀 and pray for it not to become just a show off but a demonstration of real power.
    Btw, the technologies of 80s still work perfectly and have a great potential too.
    And, oh well it’s true, that Russia had a great slowdown and fall in many aspects, due to bad times…

  17. Вообще-то,мы отмечаем победу в Великой Отечественной Войне 1941-1945г.г,а не победу во Второй Мировой Войне.Чтоб вы знали.

  18. Да? а Тополь который вышел лишь в 97? а Т-90 и Т-95 который проходит сейчас предсерийные испытания? а ракетные технологии в частности ХРИЗЕНТЕМА-С? А радиолокационные системы типа БАРС который видит любые летающие и наземные объекты стелс? а новые сушки? а подлодка “черная дыра” ? а ПВО С-400?

    я могу долго продолжать, но главное не количество наименований нового вооружения, а качество которое ВСЕГДА далеко превосходит советское, многократно превосходит советские аналоги. Даже тот же Ту-160 претерпел фантастические изменения, вся электронная начинка заменена и двигатели естественно тоже – в чем НПО “ЭНЕРГОМАШ” держит ПЕРВЕНСТВО в мире.


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