An Amusent Park Gets Underwater

Park goes underwater 1

This amusement park in Volgograd gets underwater suddenly. People had to run from the roller caster so that not to dive under water in its next curve. All as the result of somebody at hydro electric plant forgot to warn the park that they gonna rise the water level.

Park goes underwater 2

Park goes underwater 3

Park goes underwater 4

Park goes underwater 5

Park goes underwater 6


11 thoughts on “An Amusent Park Gets Underwater”

  1. doesn’t look like it happened “suddenly”, the park must have been abandoned for a while, but still nice try.

  2. i’m from Volgograd. where is nothing interesting. it’s spring now and Volga river withdraws from the shores. After som time water is back and peoples still have fun that place.
    ps sorry for my english )

  3. This is clearly a move by Putin to demonstrate to little children that the needs of the State can sometimes eclipse the needs of the individuals to enjoy themselves. I salute him in this effort and I hope he continues to lead by example.


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