20 thoughts on “A Visit to Baikonur”

  1. How much for the used helos in photo #14? They look like good “fixer-uppers.” In Iran we have master mechanics who can repair anything, and they have a lot of experience!

    • Just like our phantoms n f14s right? The ones WE gave u. You r producing low grade replicas of those too right?

    • Launching rockets: boring
      Weird parts all over: boring
      Space suits: boring
      Kick ass equipment: boring
      Smiling skull with goggles: wohoo!


  2. It is clear that they did not let the photographer to go \”too\” close.
    Still, it is a progress – as mentioned above, he would have been shot for taking the pictures 30 years ago.

    It reminds me the story told by two Czech travelers (Hanzelka – Zikmund, they were supposedly popular in former USSR as well). While trying to cross USSR in one go, they used a chopper. The pilot refused to say where they were and where they flew, and the travelers had to use the satellite-based maps of USSR they bought in London for ten pennies.
    This behavior caused enormous panic in the chopper and the co-pilot came to investigate. Having been given an explanation about the origin of the maps (a London tobacconist), he sighed: “It is ten pence there, but ten years in prison here.”

  3. photos 16, 17, and 18 show what dreams are made of (especially if the rockets are nuclear-tipped and pointed west!), and reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the good old days when I was a handsome young revolutionary firebrand. I used to sing this hopeful song after a long day of interrogating the American embassy hostages. Sing along with me–

    Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
    Looking forward to a little afternoon delight
    Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
    And the thought of lovin’ you is getting so exciting
    Sky rockets in flight
    Afternoon delight
    Afternoon delight
    Afternoon delight

    Go Baikonur! Missiles away!

    • I need your herp.. These rockets and missires, mine don’t go far enough. Prease send instructions. I send you many young girrs… Boys if you rike. Prease contact me by secret message (my rast syrian facirity got brown up by damn israeris because of open communications).


      P.S. I had my eye on her, but just say the word…. I send her to you:


      • Dear Kim,

        My intensive psychological training leads me to believe that your request is really a thinly disguised but painful plea for help with a more personal issue. When you say your “missile” doesn’t “go far enough,” I feel your pain (not literally, but only in a figurative sense, of course).

        I recommend a diet rich in protein, one hour per day of high-quality pornographic instructional videos with soft disco-jazz playing in background, and 30 minutes per day of Anthony Robbins motivational messages (You can do it!).

        Wishing you a high-flying missile and a full rice bowl,
        M. Ahmadinejad

        • Mahmoud,

          I appreciate your sound advice. I aready have an rarge ribrary furr of American imperiarist porn, as werr as prenty of American 70s disco. I wirr try the 30 minutes of Anthony Robbins.. even though I want to kirr myserf after just a few minutes. I can do it!



          P.S. I keep girr.

          • Dear Li’l Kim,

            It sounds like you are off to a good start. By the way, also try some German porn–the women grunt louder and are often more domineering. It will ignite your missile more quickly.

            If you pass the Anthony Robbins test, you will be tough and ready for anything–even a visit from United Nations delegation!

            Thanks for the offer of the girl, but I can see by the look on her face that she is captivated by you, and I would never deny true love its course.

            Wishing you a successful launch,
            M. Ahmadinejad

  4. It seems everybody is a very cheerful mood today. Particularly like the comments by CZenda and our Persian friend. Yes, I have also thought many times about what it would have been like Baikonur, during the old Communist days. By the way, the pictures are just Ok, as I have seem much better onews on this topic, but still thanks for the contribution.

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