Thrust Vectoring Planes

On the video you can see a Russian jet fighter implementing thrust vectoring technology. The pilot explains in English its advantages. In general this is a technology that uses jet engines which can rotate their nozzles in any direction and also change the size of the nozzle for precise thrust control which gives unbelievable maneuver ability.

And below you can see the shots from the plant in Russian Siberia where they build those engines. They call it “the only plant in the world with serial mass production of thrust vectoring jet engines” and that NATO countries buy those engines to equip their planes.

Russian Thrust Vectoring Jet Planes 1

Russian Thrust Vectoring Jet Planes 2

Russian Thrust Vectoring Jet Planes 3

Russian Thrust Vectoring Jet Planes 4

Russian Thrust Vectoring Jet Planes 5

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  1. well, Chinese actualy already copied this engines and already refusing to by ours… It’s took for them 5 years faster then was predicted…

    • I think you mean the Chinese are reproducing and selling the SU version of this? I don’t think those aircraft have thrust vectoring. They did buy Sukhois (SU-33mks?) and they are going to sell them to everybody. This is in violation of the sales agreement also.

    • If you talk about aerodynamics and maneuverability, well Russia has always been first since the early 70s. So nothing new or surprising here 🙂

  2. That’s a very good piece of work. It’s a little complex for newbie pilots though, you have to have thousands of hours of flight time under your belt to utilize it and frankly survive it. One mistake and the next thing you know you’ll be a fireball on the ground. One of these aircraft already went down which is not unexpected with new technology. I don’t think that there is any plane anywhere that can compete with this in a dogfight, keep in mind this was a demonstration only. They did not show all of the capabilities it has and held back because of safety regulations.

    • That shouldnt be a problem if they add good software aid to the hardware (which would handle the thrusters movement automatically, based on manual steering data)

      If software could make that piece of metal B2 bomber fly, it should make wonders with this neat tech.

      • This system is already fully automatical, and simple to any newbie pilots. There are only one problem – numder of aircrafts with this engines.

  3. Can you imagine how the pilot felt as he was doing the acrobatic maneuvers? I feel the same way after smoking my special blend in my hookah.

  4. What program was the clip taken from? Some British program on an international air show? Magnificent flying and engineering!

  5. BTW: The plant is the ‘Комсомольское-на-Амуре авиационное производственное объединение имени Ю. А. Гагарина’ (in one breath) in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

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  7. No, the F-22 was still on the ground waiting for contractors to wash and clean the runway.

  8. Not pretending to know a lot, but wouldn’t many of those maneuvers make a conventional jet engine flameout? Yet these stay on the whole time! Remarkable. I would like to see this aircraft participate in the U.S. Red Flag war game exercises that I see portrayed on History Channel.

  9. Russia is FINALLY discovering thrust vector capabilities!
    Definitely NOT the first again. Remember, the F/22 used thrust vectoring capabilities in 1987 when it was still a prototype. Yes the F22A Pratt & Whitney F119 engine has thrust vectoring in the “pitch axis only”, but the MiG35 won’t ever stand a chance against it. Comparable aircraft to the MiG35:
    Dassault Rafale, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Eurofighter Typhoon, F-15E Strike Eagle. It has stated that the F-22A cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft.

    • Remember the “tragic” end of “stealth” flying fortress in former yugoslavia.just few thousand dollars,surface to air anti air craft missile can do beyond the thinking of U ASS military establishment! ! ! ! ! !R I P.Soviet,Russian technologies are the best in the one can deny them.

  10. alot of ppl believe that russia first created thrust vectoring, lol i think it was the US who first made true thrust vectoring on the f-18 harv first in 1987, f-16n, f-15active , x-29 and x-31. the paris show in 95 displayed the x-31 which had 3d thrust vectoring, the russians displayed the su-37 later in 96……..i wonder who was impressed first

  11. Yes and the Brits have been buying these engines to power their Hawker Harrier since the 1950s. Get a grip. NATO buying equipment from Russia. What kind of sci-fi are you living my friend?

    And BTW is there ANYTHING that Russians have not invented/built/discovered first?

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  13. As good as Russian Tech is, it is also true that they cant afford to deploy there good stuff 🙁 , unlike America. But keep in mind that there are many Russian technologies that are ether just as good as American tech or better, but again, they cant afford to deploy them.

  14. Accidentally listened to the Propellorhead’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” while watching the video. It’s an excellent fit!!

  15. Wonder, if this would out manover the EuroJet?
    It seems to have the same capabilities but with less High Tech.

    This makes it brilliant!

  16. The Brits had the Harrier before any of these modern aicraft were a twinkling in their designers eyes. Suck on that Yanks and Russkies!

  17. Wow nothing like a picture of a jet engine to get every one throwing rocks at each other. You all realize building jets like these are a waste of money just like tanks are out dated. That’s why the US wont build any more B2 stealth bombers. Look at what china just built a cruise missile that can be launched from anywhere and take out a carrier. The future wars will be fought with unmanned and remote controlled weapons. Look at the Canadian government spending over one billion on planes that will be obsolete. Its just a cover to pay the US for keeping us under there safety net.

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