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  1. Islam in a western society is not compatible. Unfortunately radical Islam exists in Russia as well as Moscow, and the UK, France, Netherlands, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and any region where their book instructs to kill the infidels. Who cannot forget the Moscow theater siege resulting over 100 deaths? Moscow Metro suicide bombings, Beslan, downing of two Aeroflot airliners, ect. All these atrocities were committed by followers of this death cult. Radical Islam must be eradicated.

    • Of course it is compatible, as long as you stop being a infidel and submit to the will of Allah and the teachings of his Prophet. If not, someday when we are stronger . . . we will do our duty and take you to the public squares in England, France, Germany and my favorite Belgium and do just like we do in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kabul (well, we are temporarily closed down there), and . . . choppy choppy!

      Someday it will come in Russia, and then I will get Putin for the time he left me stranded at the airport and made me take the public transportation. I will take him to the public square and personally spank him with the whip.

      The only sad part is that all the beautiful Russian girls with their creamy white skin will have to keep it covered, until they come into my room at night.

      Yours in peace and understanding,
      M. Ahmadinejad

    • … eradicated, but how? there is no legal force that can really stop them. My heart hardens while reading wrath in the posts (IDE vids on youtube) of islamic ppl which, according to their profiles, live in big European cities. How to avoid “tit for tat” carrousel?

    • Small correction: the deaths at Beslan, the theatre hostage-deaths and the apartment building bombings [mid ’90s] were the result of on one side clumsy actions by the special forces and [the bombs] most probably staged by the KGB/FSB. Check the net for details on this.

      Give people a common enemy either within the borders or outside and they will eat from your hand, you being the government. Fear unites people and makes them do outrageous things.

      I believe that in general muslims are just trying to live their lives in harmony, just like most of us.

      Extremists are a league of their own, muslims, christians, nationalists… you name it. All equally bad.

    • Mr Richard … without going in to details !!!!!!!!!;;;Islam is the largest spreding religion in the west , be it europe or US … Stop it if you can
      but you cant as the truth could be hidden not for a long , specially by the fanatics like you , ho have nothing to do with the enlightment but only with the spitting here and there …
      Go through the facts …infact i suggest you to listen ahmed deedat on youtube ….

      Have a nice day …

  2. So these are just images of a house of worship of a world religion, nothing more, nothing less. And besides, the communists weren’t so tolerant towards religion either in a not so distant past.

  3. Extremists exist in all religions and races, just like the skinheads someone mentioned already.. I dont understand why this specific religion is considered specifically problematic =S No, I think politician in general twist things into what they are not, and work on their people\’s emotions and nationalistic pride to declare wars and dectate agendas, it\’s not that hard to see.

  4. Easy one, Linda!
    –Veils considered harmful.
    –Daily breed-or-foment decision hasn’t been right yet.
    –Official Architectures impossible, despite lots of rough-ins.
    –Peace and Ritual just bugs me.
    –Nomadism not an acclimation.
    –Worst. God. Ever. (In other news, Cht’ulu is the new green!)
    –WTF giant after-dinner mint building == LEEDS Gold?
    –Self-flagellation not a monastic practice just for blind ex-footballer Britons; also,
    –evangelistic self-flagellation, meet evil; evil, HARM. You know each other already?!
    –Politicians already too general and informal; not apparently Arabs’, Muslims’, deserts’ fault

    Someday we can hope to skip skirmishes due to easy tells of heat+humid+political craziness. “Oh. Well let’s just do reconstruction from the get-go then.”

  5. Islam can coexist in western society, I’ve seen it happen.

    I live in a place where there are tons of muslims, jews, Indians (as in from India), asians, black people, hispanics and whites. Even the occasional gay person here and there.

    Everybody seems to get along just fine. Why? Because the economy is good and there’s food on the table. When a society faces poverty it is all too easy to go right for the usual scapegoats. Things aren’t going that well in Russia, everybody wants to blame it on everybody but themselves.

    Tell me, honestly. Do ANY of you think that this racial blame-game is getting us anywhere?

    • The muzzies keep generally silent in America because they’re in extremely small relative numbers. Give them time and watch them become emboldened and ridiculous.

      And the blacks? A ton of them? Where are blacks proportionally a majority and don’t turn the place into the 3rd world?


  6. Racism is weakness, look at the american south, nazi germany, and ww2 Japan. They lost because they alienated a large and strong willed portion of their own population, and strengthened foreign opposition while weakening their own resolve. Russia is one of the few nations still on good terms with the Middle East. My father personally likes Russia a lot for the way it blocked and opposed the US’s policy during the Soviet era, and the way it continues to do so. And lets face it, russia isn’t a “peaceful” country. They like their tanks and they like to use em. The only thing russia doesnt have going for em is Chechenya, and that was somewhat legitimate. If they stopped with all this racial bickering, they would be in a much more politically advantageous position than the US. Radical religious views are a backlash in response to economic hardships and an enemy that seems to randomly come in and shoot up the place. If Russia looked at this differently and OPPOSED the US crusading in the Middle East, I have a crazy feeling the Middle East would have a much better view on Russia. And lets face it, Americans hate Russia anyways. Half the kids in my high school believe it is communist and people eat babies because they dont have anything else. In short, Russia has got to make the first move for peace, because racist hardlining from both sides just degenerates the predicament. Politicians DO listen, so be careful what you say. The life you save may be your own. Oh and BTW borgman makes me laugh. Maybe he babelfished it????

    • “Racism is weakness, look at the american south, nazi germany, and ww2 Japan. They lost because they alienated a large and strong willed portion of their own population…”

      -The american south was carpetbagged and destroyed because it wanted to be independent from the Union. Are you a poop head for stating otherwise yes. germany lost because it was fighting several countries at one time and japan lost because the U.S. dropped Atomic bombs on her.

      Enough of your silly anti-racism we have no time for it.


  7. I just say that we are now living in a world where people from every faith can get along with each other. A mosque shouldnt be seen as a place for terrorists or stuff like that. Islam doesnt approve killing innocent people. It says even killing an innocent man is equal to killing the whole mankind. Can you pls pay attention to that?
    Media does not show Islam as it is, thats why so many people have prejudice.
    Search real Islam, real belief, in what Muslims believe, which are the qualities they re supposed to have. Search it, save only a few hours, you will see it.
    Human is human. no matter from which background they come. And my last words: Educate yourself!

  8. just because a few people misinterpret the true teachings of a faith, doesnt mean everyone is like that. Islam contributes productive content to humanity just as Bhuddism, Christianity and Judaism do…..If you cant see that, then stop surfing this site and go back to school and learn real history…not Fox News….and for the Russians who comment negatively about Islam, ….remember Afghanistan.

  9. Gay and lesbian can be married today and it is a victory for this community ! There are so many reason to support this law !


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