24 thoughts on “The Killer Elevator”

      • Ever been to Africa ?
        Most friendly and cheerful people one can imagine. Smiling faces and cheerful kids everywhere. Plus in general an excellent climate, though it can get boring after some time. Even poverty doesn’t look that bad.. And no-one knows how they do it, but they’re clean. Even in the most dusty and hostile environments, they manage to look fresh and clean in general. This concept of an underclass [unshaved, unwashed, uneducated low lives] like we know in Europe does not exist in Africa.

        Compare this to Russia: the overall gloominess of people, the alcoholism, the drugtaking, and lets not forget the harsh climate [65 % covered in permafrost i.e.]…

        Don’t diminish Africa that fast !

        • I base my knoledge of africa from wikipedia, and wikipedia tells me that africa lots of civil wars. and genocides. russia just has genocides for now, so thats 2 for 1 russia is still better 🙂 hehe

          • I suggest you go there yourself one day. Most of Africa is excellent. The few spots that are bad are really bad, that’s true. Africa is like a testing ground / garbage dump for many western countries.

            I think the people make a big difference. And I’m sorry to say so, but having traveled a lot and meeting lots of different people, I have to say that I would choose Africans over Russians most of the time. And I’m Russian myself. This gloominess, this numbness, the current egoism, the allover present atmosphere of never ending intimidation of which one only becomes aware after living abroad for some time… it’s not my country anymore. The corruption is like a cancer, spread out through the whole society, making that one cannot rely on the legal system, the police, the government, the health care, the media..

            • “I would choose Africans over Russians”

              Same here.

              Only recently I have started to travel to places outside Europe, but to my deep surprise I have discovered that I begin to like Africans and Indians more and more every time I do so. They seem to be really nice people to me.

              Russians who in their majority are chauvinists believing that they are superior in many ways to other people and to black people especially, just do not realize how unfavorable to them the general comparison actually is.

        • Aids, genocides and starvation aside – pretty nice place to live – Africa that is. And taking every chance to join European underclass. Overall gloominess of russian people is just a reflection of your own probably – that of course if you ever been to Russia.

  1. I’ve been in elevators like that, this is a rigged photo. Someone forced open the door and stuck the carriage into the elevator shaft. Too easy.

    • Agreed. That carriage would be pretty mangled if it could squeeze though the gap between elevator and wall… but it couldn’t.

    • Agreed. I spray ruminor on the computer screen and it proves it is brood becaurse the computer screen grows in the dark.

  2. After reading the comments…Guys, it’s real. It happened half a year ago and still we don’t have another elevator. I travel by feet to my 9th floor appartment.

    Lucky baby is fine, growing and expecting the better life since he was born for the second time.

    Please, don’t joke at us, we are europenian, although might still look scary. It’s 21 sentury, pls, forget USSR:)


  3. Somebody here are so mad to do some conclusions about the country on base of very very very seldom accident. The one simular case, I heared about before, happened in one american hospital. The person head was cutted with a elevator. Do you allow me to think all what you said about Russia, but about the United States.

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