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    • You’re one of the very few who manages to make me laugh out loud in front of my pc monitor. That remark was simply.. brilliant.

      • Thank you for the compliment, Wout. I believe that no one can make a joke about Russians better then another Russian. You can put instead words ‘Russian(s)’ any other nouns – Jew(s), American(s), doctor(s), women(folk) etc. – and the sentence would be truth.

    • And if they can type grammatically correct sentences, be sure they can do all what calculator does in their head.

  1. You traitors. How the world changes. Another May Day parade with tanks, missiles, and red flags, but now with English-language “Levis” and “Rolex” signs overhead.

    I hope your Levi’s pinch your testicles, and your Rolex falls in the public toilet. 😉

    • wow, nice

      I am wearing the Levi’s jeans just right now, my testicles feeling fine inside. I have just asked em 🙂

      Why are you being such a nice person? Didn’t you think that loads of people here in Moscow don’t like the tanks running on our streets?
      BTW: I took the upper photos from this page (the Gazza ones). So the tanks ran on my street. And I wasn’t able to drive my car all day. All the exits were locked by police.



      that was my rolex


  2. “you can argue that what was once west germany is more politically active and dominant right now.”

    I think that would be a persuasive argument. 😉

  3. After we make the weapons deal we will have the party in which the belly-dancing girls wear belts of ammunition around their undulating hips and breasts.

  4. Its a constant reminder for poor russians that they will be crushed with utmost cruelty just like the days of Czars and Stalin. I am not surprised people didnt even care to turn up for their out dated and insignificnt may day parade LOL! 😀

    • It was not a May Day parade but a rehearsal for the Victory Day parade. And number of watchers of that parade will be great in all the cities.

  5. Ummmm….is free artistry not allowed in the R of USSIA?

    I mean all the mecho thingies have exactly the same camo patton.

    ps: I like Rammstein (Fcuk City?) heaps but they are death metal??? Lordy, Lordy, Lordy….Jaysu swept. I better start listening to more death metal.

    Also if that was Melb, Oz by night time they be sufferin a shower of stubbies since theys show-off wankers.

    • No, siree Bob, Rammstein is most often classified as industrial metal. They are NOT death metal, and I want to belabor that point.

      Death metal is an altogether different beast. There are some very fundamental differences betwixt the two. Go to Wiki and research the subject, if you’re interested. It’ll give you a general idea of these and other metal sub-genres.

  6. Actully this was a rehersal, and not the real thing, this is why no one was there. also, don;t you hate this damn ati spam math? its driving me crazy what is this calculus clas or something?

  7. …”everyone thought it was just a parade rehersal, no one there knew that WW III had started 17 hours earlier…”

    • No worries, it wasn’t WWIII, but only the invasion of Belarus to make it return to its rightful place as part of Greater Russia.

      Ukrainians, a secret Kremlin memo says you are next, at least as far as Kiev and the Dnieper.

      • nice idea… we’ll manage to join Ukraine as well) and probably UK some day))) roflmao

        yepp about red flags… dont you know that Russian Land Forces didnt change flag after collapse of the Soviet Union?

      • yeppp about the red flags. dont you know that Russian Air and Land Forces didnt change military flag after collapse of the Soviet Union?

        thanks for idea, Ukraine is next (maggots)… furthermore UK & USA some day

  8. What is with the SA-6 in the 24th picture? What year is this? 1986? Watch out the USA is deploying its Lance and Hawk missile systems right now. What next? The SALT III treaty?

  9. Awesome site! I love seeing these pictures of how Russia really looks, and the stories that go along with them. Cool, funny, or sad, it is all good. Here in Canada we don’t see enough of that — too much filtered through the eyes of Russian propagandists or Western media.

  10. anyone notice complete absence of AA machineguns on vehicles ?
    seems leaders cary too much about own safety.
    or trust Armed Forces less.
    than their glorious conterparts from USSR epoch.

  11. Good to see this again. At least in the old days we knew we were fighting a worthy advisory instead of third world militias. These days I think of Afghanistan and wonder if the Russian military has stopped laughing yet. Someone said is America the only country left with balls? This might be true, but the balls are bigger than the brain. 7 years into the Afghan war and only now do we study the Russian experience in that war. When this war ends, America will join Russia and Britain in laughing at the next futile pretender – China? India?. This is why that parade is apt. What do you get when two rivals dance? Cold war. Only this time it won’t be NATO/Warsaw pact but Gazprom vs Exxon/BP.

    Will there ever be a war where Russia and America fight on the same side? doubtful. Russians drink too much and speak little. Americans can’t drink and speak too much.

    • I’m afraid, this time it’s the U.S. (with few worthy allies) against poorer Russia, China and maybe Iran (all have different interests and goals, but common “foe” brings them closer). The Afghani issue is easier to solve than one may think – they need a strong leader supported by the majority, and total absence of occupants.

      Remember the Chechen war in Russia? Groznyy (the capital of the Chechen Republic) today, one of the safest cities in the region:

  12. Some pretty scary conversation going on here…I guess history doesn’t teach some people anything…The weapons just get better and the people get more obnoxious….The question is why have we not learned to live peacefully with each other..If after all the wars and all the killing, there is still the desire to bully people and nations, then perhaps the time has come and the end is truly near…

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