27 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Cat”

  1. I guess some people are so into their cats they do things like this for them. In the west (USA) pets are a substitute for children, people tend to treat them like children and tend to value them more than their fellow humans.

    • Sorry for being on your guys’ boards, but I live in the US, and pets aren’t a substitute for children. 🙂 Usually it’s the kids who get them. I have a cat and a fish, and the dog’s more my sisters. On occasion they are a substitute for children, but only when people are.. lonely, I guess. Or when their children are already grown up.

      Sorry again for being on your web site. I was looking up scuba diving fish after I had seen something about it on YouTube.

  2. Внимание! Tries the same with my cat in the bath tub. Empty bottle of vodka, pushed cat inside, and cat took a dive.

    Next to two hours, cat is dead. Vladimir is sad.

  3. This Meowska seemed to enjoy the ride and did not freak out as bad as the other meowska that when parachuting. Russian kowskas really seem to get around though.

  4. geo: where is a cyrrilyc label on the cat-box at the beginning of this movie. It’s said something like: “the scuba-diver”

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