Bad Parking Gets Punished

Russian bad parking punished 1

Some Russian got used to punish their fellow neighbors who park their cars the wrong way.
The first car above received a graffiti “This is a lawn!”.

The second one is the gray Russian Lada car. Its driver parked it in a wrong way all the time, then the neighbors hired a trash-truck to put the trash bin so that it could not move for a few days until the next trash-truck would come.

And the third one was badly parked and then was towed in the river by the boat in order to revenge.

So when you go to Russia park your cars well!

Russian bad parking punished 2

Russian bad parking punished 3

Russian bad parking punished 4

Russian bad parking punished 5

Russian bad parking punished 6

Russian bad parking punished 7

Russian bad parking punished 8

Russian bad parking punished 9

Russian bad parking punished 10

Russian bad parking punished 11

Russian bad parking punished 12

Russian bad parking punished 13

25 thoughts on “Bad Parking Gets Punished”

  1. My dear Russian friends, you need to watch a satellite television program for home and garden care. I recommend planting the grass behind the street curb, for beautification of the neighborhood.

    Also, I noticed the dog seemed to be fascinated by the parking situation. He appears much smarter than the underwater cat.

    • The Underwater Cat is in much better health then that mangie dog. Christ someone should feed that dog!!

  2. Funny thing is, in order to get passed the containers put behind the grey Lada, every one had to drive through the mud again, nice way to get even by punishing everybody else…

  3. I don’t get it. Why is the grey Lada badly parked? Is it because its front is pointing in instead of out? In that case, then the Mazda is badly parked too. If so, then the Lada in the midst would be wrongly parked since its the only one parked with the front pointing out.

    In Norway this kind of parking is legit. If there’s an empty slot, then you just park the car. No one gives a damn if the rear or the front is facing out.

    Could anyone please explain this issue with parking for the rest of us?

  4. It’s badly parked because it’s not close enough to the side curb. It takes up a lot of space. You could squeeze 3 more cars in there, had it been properly parked.

  5. Can’t that grey thing just drive over the curb or is that against the law?

    Parking, look at that red thing?

  6. Ну, во-первых, Лада припаркована нормально, а идея, что её водителя хотели так наказать – очередной бред редакторов сайта. А во-вторых – не думаю, что водитель Лады ждал, пока ему освободят путь, он как пришел, так сразу же через бордюр по газону уехал.

  7. This takes me back, I was at a gig, came out with quite a few friends I was going to give a lift home and found a mini blocking me in, no way could I get out, until we moved the mini sideways out of the way, it was there for over a week, probably because 10cm in front of it was a tree, 10cm behind it was another tree.

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