26 thoughts on “Alcohol and LSD: Russian Photoshop Madness”

    • Believe me honey, here is different meaning! Not webcam in forest! HAHAHAHAHA!

      P.s. “Even Russians” Hahahahaha!
      Анекдот в тему:
      “В небе над эстонией уже пятые сутки терпит крушение самолёт”

  1. With Topol-M you mean our (Czech) Prime minister (Topolanek)? and Radar in Czech and Antirocetary base in Poland? Is it?

  2. With Topol-M they mean russian intercontinental ballistic missile. you may find more info in wikipedia. And Karjala is a finnish variant of Russian Karelia republic, where there is severe climate and the trees are very small. that’s not a gas mask, that is a coat with a hood


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