29 thoughts on “Moscow Invasion”

  1. I think those tanks and etc are prepared for military parade at Victory Day (9 of May). It will be the first time for many years when tanks go through Red Square at military parade.

  2. It`s not a suburbs. It`s almost center of the city. It is territory of former Central Frunze Airport. It is known as Khodynka Field.

  3. Ahhh, there’s nothing like looking out your window in the morning and be greeted by intercontinental ballistic missiles (TOPOL-M I assume, probably no missile in canister)
    If G.Bush ever visits just park a few outside his Hotel.

  4. Beautiful tanks and missiles. How much for sale? I am sending money to Moscow bank by wire transfer as soon as I hear best offer. I would like a team of Russian technicians to accompany the equipment. They must be bi-lingual (Russian and Farsi, poetic language of Persia), female, buxom, and of varying heights and hair colors.

    Wishing you all the best in the international arms race,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  5. I’m pretty sure they are Topol-M mobile ICBM’s. There are some cool videos of that system on youtube. Earlier pictures look like S-300 or S-400 anti-missile, close defence system, they are packed as 4 tubes together mounted on mobile truck.

  6. If this was in America, crazy Berkely California Democrat party members would protest outside the gate of the missile trucks and try to attack the military.

    • Democrats in America are some of my best friends. I love them. Except Hillary, who needs the good firm spanking for trying to talk tough about Iran now that she wants to be a president.

  7. Those, my friends, are S-400 air defense systems, deployed around Moscow to deter a very real and ominous threat from war-mongering Bush&Cheney Enterprise who are hell-bent on promoting “democracy” around the world by the dint of bombing the countries into a Stone Age. It also keeps the MIC running, making them filthy rich. Yet Russia is not an Iraq, whew!!!

    • Lucky for Russia that my friend Lukashenko and his mighty nation of Belarus (home of real Russians) protects the western border of Russia from the EU and NATO.

      I used to think it would be fun to see Lukashenko and Cheney face each other man to man (Lukashenko is powerful man), but in one event where they both attended, I caught them looking at each other across the room, and it was NOT a look of hostility. Cheney invited Luky to the Cheney ranch in Wyoming, and even mentioned his hot-tub. I became concerned and, I admit, even a little bit jealous at the way they flirted with each other (the only invitation I got from Cheney was for a hunting trip).

      It was shameful. Later in the evening I reprimanded Lukashenko for being a “bad boy,” and punished him with a spanking.

      • Ah, Mahmoud, the stories you tell!
        But I will allay your fears of Luky’s infidelity.
        See, Cheney + hot tub = heart attack.
        His heart’s too weak to sustain a naughty frolicking in a hut-tub. So rest assured, Mahmoudy, they didn’t get to splash in the jets of hot water in naught but a birthday suit. 😉

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