Bear Growers

Russian bear growers 1

This guys do a good thing. They grow bears, treat them as pets (who didn’t dream about having a bear as a pet, at least in Russia?), and then release them to the wild nature. They treat them in such a way that small bears learn to get the food by themselves and don’t trust other humans so that not to get in trouble in their future wild life.
Scroll down for a video too.

Russian bear growers 2

Russian bear growers 3

Russian bear growers 4

Russian bear growers 5

Russian bear growers 6

Russian bear growers 7

Russian bear growers 8

Russian bear growers 9

Russian bear growers 10

Russian bear growers 11

Russian bear growers 12

Russian bear growers 13

Russian bear growers 14

Russian bear growers 15

Russian bear growers 16

Russian bear growers 17

And a video:

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36 thoughts on “Bear Growers”

  1. This site is fantastic on so many levels! Not only do you bring wonderful glimpses of some of the real gems of your country out, and make them available for the world too see, but you do so without bias! You (the site owner(s)) are to be commended for this. Thank you for all your work and for allowing someone like me to be able too see things within your country that otherwise, I know for certain, I would never had been able too see.

    Gotta luv duh bears!

  2. Yeah they’re real cute. Wait until they grow up though and then you have a very demanding 1000 lb eating machine that has a very big menu he will eat from.

  3. Awe! Are they ever cute! They look so cuddly! I hope they are released in Kamchatka or a region where they are protected.

  4. Oh, this reminds me of russia story of ugly duckling with bear and duck. Why anti spam question so difficult for us russia people?

  5. To the curious, the song in the video at the bottom is “Fatty” by Bim & Bam. It can’t be found on Trojan Records compilations!

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  7. Aaaaawww!!! I want me a lil’ bear, too! I wish there was a breed of miniature bears that don’t grow beyond the size of a large dog! A mini-bear of sorts, eh? Would that be awesome or what! :p

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  9. I think everybody is forgetting that in a year the bear…if fed properly will be the same size as those guys and one ‘rub’ of those paws would !()@% them up. and then well ill let your imagination take over know.

  10. I’d like to know, will the bears always continue to show love, etc. or whatnot, toward the humans, even when they’re big and dangerous? And if not, at what point in time (and size)lol will that discontinue?


  11. Are you sure these bears aren’t on a ranch? that the people growing them, aren’t going to harvest the bears once they grow up, for meat, fur, organs for medicine etc.? Or sold to zoos?

    otherwise the above comments are right – the bears will imprint on people when they’re young and won’t be able to be truly wild. And being fed by people, in their mind will associate people with food. A bad combination.

    I’m sorry but I can’t believe these people are raising bears to re-release them into the wild …

    • Yes, these people rise bear to relese them to wild. The project was initiated by Moscow State University to maitain the population of bear in Tver’ region of Russia and save orphaned bear cubs. Now the project is sponsored by IFAW-Russia ( The project leader’s name is Valentin Pazhetnov. Just goggle the name, you will get more info on it.

  12. @Ken
    “I’d like to know, will the bears always continue to show love, etc. or whatnot, toward the humans, even when they’re big and dangerous? And if not, at what point in time (and size)lol will that discontinue?”

    Eventually it will discontinue…

    Same thing happens with trying to domestically raise wolves, eventually the instinct to become Alpha male arrives and thats when you are no longer a master, but competition.

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  14. This man adding to his good points….contributing to the world in a positive manner. Bears are amazing creatures and are necessary to maintain ecological balance. two thumbs up hopefully people are inspired by his work ethic.

  15. The bears are adorable!! I wouldn’t be able to let them go in the wild after raising them. Well,to be honest, I think it’s a good thing. In my country, the bears come to eat from the trash nearby human houses, and the people have the right to shoot them. Quite a lot of bears are killed every year in that way. I think it’s good if they manage to teach bears not to eat human things…?


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