Mr Chairman Shoots the Hens

What can you say about this man? First of all he is a vice chairman of the Russian parliament “The Duma”, he is the leader of some Russian political party and was a candidate at Russian presidential elections for many times. He is probably the most famous Russian 2nd row politic and is well known by foreigners too. We had a lot of him here at English Russia too.
This time he goes on a public train with his rifle. He first spots some crows and decided to shot some of them down, during the “hunt” he got excited so much that starts shooting to the hens of locals living nearby the railroad.
People say this record was leaked from his private video archive.

11 thoughts on “Mr Chairman Shoots the Hens”

  1. I’m not a weapons expert, but that’s one weird-ass rifle… Maybe even one that shoots a bunch of pellets instead of a single projectile. Oh wait those aren’t rifles at all.

  2. In America the train windows don’t even open, let alone some guy brings his gun on board & opens the window and starts shooting stuff. That has to be a private train, right? This guy is a nut. No way he’d get into office in America.


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