Kill the Seal

Seals clubbed in Russia 1

There are a lot of things that come under the tag “only in Russia”, and we try to cover each one. It’s a big pity but this thing happens only in Russia too. These photos come from the the well-known white-coated seal farms. If you are not aware about such a way of Russian farming I will explain a little. In Russia there are farms where white-coated seals are breed. They are being valued much for their fur, it’s something like a rolls-royce in the world of furs, the top fur on the market. It gives warmth, it’s soft like a silk and looks terrific at least this is what the consumers say. What does differ this fur from other furs, is the extreme cruelty in its production. The seals are being clubbed to death at the age of one month. And that’s the only way to do it, according to the fur industry strict standards. The fur-coat makers say holes from bullets spoil the virgin white skins of those 1-month old small seals so they demand them only to be smashed with a good old club.
So here are some photos from one of such farms, or it could be better to say concentration camps. No violence on the photos in order to save your nerves.
This particular farm is in Arkhangelsk Oblast, North-West Russia. The seals are being transported in cages to the farm, there they grow up to one month age and then are hit to death with clubs. The average salary of people who execute is around $150/month, and that’s a lot of money for them, so we can’t blame them, they have families etc. The final fur-coat made of the one-month-old white-fur seal is around $7,000 for the small size

Seals clubbed in Russia 2

Seals clubbed in Russia 3

Seals clubbed in Russia 4

Seals clubbed in Russia 5

Seals clubbed in Russia 6

Seals clubbed in Russia 7

Seals clubbed in Russia 8

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  1. How often do we see Payl MacCartney going to Russia to denounce the seal killings?

    Where’s PETA?

    Are they scared?

    It’s so much easier to attack in Canada 🙂 Where Seal hunt is regulated.

  2. So what would Brian Boitano do if he were here today?
    I’m sure he’d kick an ass or two – that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

  3. This is also a problem in Canada/England

  4. Club these people all you want, it won’t do a thing to stop this industry. It will only visit violence on other undeserving living beings. The people working in these jobs very likely have extremely limited options.

    The most successful tactic, though admittedly a much more time consuming one, is to do what you can to end the demand for the product. If nobody wants what these seals are dying to provide, you can rest assured that their suffering will end.

    • With out a shadow of a doubt, you are one hundred percent correct. It’s a terrible thing to see this but if we really want to stop it, this is the way.

  5. I don’t understand the outrage. Are there just a lot of PETA people that decide only to post when they see things like this?

    Or is it because they are “cute” that a seal farm is bad while a veal or lamb farm is good?

    Or is eating meat and discarding fur acceptable while discarding meat (or do they?) and using fur is not?

    It’s a seal *farm*. Chances are you eat meat from a cattle farm. And those cows eat meat from feed farm. The arctic could not sustain that may seals in that small a space. The farm is keeping them alive.

    • I disagree completely with your statement that “It’s a seal farm.”

      I see no “mother” seals at all amongst these pictures. I do see people going to what could be described as “seal breeding grounds” and removing young seals from their natural environment. From there, following the layout of the pictures, one could hazard a guess that these pups are taken to pens at a different location. Sort of concentration camp like, but definitely not farming. Do all farms require “mother” animals present in order for the young to be raised? Certainly not. Veal is just one of many examples where the cow is not required for long. Feeder hogs is another. But ALL farmers and ranchers that I am aware of get their livestock from, and through, accepted breeding practices, NOT the wild.

      What we see here is slaughter for profit, IMHO. With no input costs, no investment or responsibility too the land, no accountability for their actions… one might even call it raping nature. Whatever you call it, it is definitely not farming.

  6. Horror
    Maybe Russians will go right way:

  7. Whats so bad about this? Most animals in abattoirs are “clubbed”, a strong had blow to the head is a humane way to kill an animal.

  8. Is this the result of an industry coming online that is inventing new and inhumane methodologies, or is this the result of a growing suburban middle-class that has lost all conceivable connections to how humanity has survived for eons by killing, eating meat, and wearing fur?

  9. We should try to use this resource more efficiently, not just for furs. Is seal meat any good, anyone knows? Do they make seal kolbasa or pashtet? I mean, so long as we ensure they don’t go extinct, you know, it’s all good.

    But I do wish they would find a more painless way to take out those seals.

    I mean, clubbing their heads into a bloody messy pulp, with the seals still alive, their cute muzzles awash with their own blood and gore, bobbing their heads helplessly, their plump furry bodies writhing clumsily on the ground, their big sad eyes beseaching the executioner, asking “why, why, why”, as the club descends time and again, with a sickening thud after thud, until the seal convulses in last deathly pangs of agony, paying with its life for having such an excellent lustrous first-class fur that makes such fashionable and warm shubas…

  10. It’s often a matter of the environment and culture your raised in. Where is the outrage against shark slaughter or aren’t they cute enough?

    Here in Australia we kill thousands of cute kangaroos shooting them at night many having young in their pouches, this can be for pet food or human consumption, because we cleared the land for cattle and sheep the open grassland supports plagues of kangaroos.

    We shouldn’t be upset only when an exploited animal is cute, but if we consider ourselves civilized we should treat all animals with some respect.

    Our modern culture in the west widens the gap between us and the reality that animal products come from somewhere we just don’t want to know the details.

    Take school kids to a slaughterhouse and shown them where their cheese burgers come from.

  11. this happens all the time to beef cattle. they use a “captive bolt pistol” to do the job. It just replaces human muscle power with gunpowder. I haven’t seen what they use to kill seals, but if they don’t, maybe they should use one. Clubbing it the head is much more humane than shooting anyway, unless you shoot their head. They die faster.

    you just think its cruel because they are “cute” I hear no one except the PETA wackos complaining about cattle or about the wholesale slaughter of ants every year. hypocrites. Just because something is not socially acceptable doesn’t make it wrong, just like eating dogs or horses.

  12. Luv it, good young seal steaks and fried flippers, better than chicken. Gotta love the russians they know how to get the job done.

  13. Why do people seem to think fur is so much worse than leather?

    Is it because it’s easier to throw paint at old ladies than it is to risk getting in a fight with a hells angel?

    I don’t think it’s OK to club animals to death, but just wonder how many of the people say that is disucting, also own leather goods and eat meat, or even just drink milk/dairy products (which involves very young calves being taken away from their mothers, so that we can drink the milk – the calfs are fed on a water/protein mixture).

    Anyway, what do you think?

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  15. It’s a terrible sin. But in one way or another the Russians will pay for it. There is an Eternal Law of Compensation in the universe, and it cannot be evaded, however much it may be ignored or disbelieved in. Remember Chernobyl. And every Russian child who comes down with some horrible disease—do you really think it is all just “rotten luck”? Mankind is responsible for so much of the suffering of other creatures: and, all along, bad things happen to “good” people.

    • I hate to say it Craig, but I think you’re right.
      Many times I’ve wondered about that type of theory.
      For example: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. A lot of people think they can get away with doing something illegal or immoral or unethical etc. But in the end everybody pays for it everywhere.

  16. There will always be sick people in the world anxious to take on deplorable tasks if there’s enough money to be made or not. I’m more bothered by that than the brutality itself!

  17. listen, in this world, farms are a never-ending cycle of death and birth. really, if “GOD” or whatever cares once cent about these animals, he/she would have done something. seals, it just so happens, are expendable. what’s the harm in killing a few thousand seals a year when a thousand more are born that year. it only becomes a problem when humans, who we all know hate to recycle, don’t restore the numbers.

    -PETA official
    ~Peace & Love

  18. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  19. russia is a very cold country.fur was tradionally the only way to survive in such a climate.alternative fabrics need to be developed.

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  21. i have no problem with this really its no different than farming any other animal the only reason any of you people care is because seals are “cute”. also get your facts straight this doesnt just happen in russia canada does it too, only difference is we have such a large population of seals that we dont need to take them to farms we just have an annual seal hunt. so all of you who are reading this page and taking this information as fact should think again because this person clearly didnt research anything and just posted this out of anger.

  22. This thing for luxury they should forfeit its a big sin to kill those who are innocent.And animals and to block and them and take advantage of their powers human race surely you are ending up ur save please save the world save the humans A very thoughtful and important plead please do ever think from heart else to ban rolls royce products tht wuld be very well our goal.Whts happening God sake learn to live


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