iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 1

During all the April Russian geeks were waiting for the iPhone from Apple to be released in Russia.
There were plenty of the signs: big billboards across the Moscow city made in Apple-style with the word “iSoon” in Russian and the date of April, 22st, 2008, itunes-store.ru webdomain with the same ad and many more “good signs” for those who wanted the localized iPhone. All the geek communities had a major buzz on this topic too.
But when the day X had come, it came out that they were all fooled. It turned to be a virus ad campaign by… Contex, the worldwide condom producer. They decided to advertise in this way their new condoms…

iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 2

iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 3

iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 4

iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 5

iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 6

15 thoughts on “iCondom”

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  2. Nejjednodussi je prijit primo do kancelare firmy ktera prodava sluzbu nabo reklamni predmety a domluvit se na miste. Potajmu takhle alespon zjistite, jak si firma stoji, kolik ma zamestnancu apod. Dodrzeni terminu u tzv. obyvakovych firem, kde pracuje jen majitel s manzelkou je desivy 🙁

  3. Konecne po svatcich a je potreba se znovu zamerit na reklamu v roce 2010. Tentokrat dle meho nazoru budou zajimave v CR socialni weby: Facebook, Twitter a video (viralni reklama). Krize vas ale nesmi vest k mensi reklame, prave naopak – konkurence je totiz velka.

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