25 thoughts on “The Permafrost Museum”

  1. Of course, this is Photoshop. Russia is melting! The world is melting! That’s the truth — and what are you doing to save the world?

  2. thats the big frezer russia keeps all of it’s dead bodies in, but you have to go down further. I know this becasue they thought i was dead…but i was just sleeping.

  3. Muzey Vechnoy Merzlot’

    (That is the text from the first pic translated from Cyrillic)

    What does it mean?

    I assume Muzey is Museum but what’s the rest?!?

  4. Totally agree. This is fascinating especially for those of us in a temperate climate. I would love to see some explanations of what the different frosts are.

  5. Come to the cold Manitoba Canadian winter where people have to have block heaters and rear window frost shields installed in their cars due to the extreme cold weather winters

  6. A remarkable feat just to construct this museum in the permafrost and tundra – never mind take such wonderful and enchanting photos – kudos

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