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    • Yeah. You must visit there. I’m finnish myself, and all my trips there have been worth it. The sheer grandeur of the Neva river strikes me every time. I think the cheapest way is to take a ship, a bus or a train from Helsinki. (as ferries from Sweden to Finland pay next to nothing)

  1. Питер – самий красивий город в мире!
    In the 8th and 55th I can see a house where I used to live.
    But I think at least 22nd pic looks different now a days as they have destroyed the old Kirov-stadium allready some time ago. Still this city is so magnificiant! Gosh, I guess I have start applying for a visa to get there.

  2. Such a fine city , too bad its populated by poor russians and turned it into the most violent, racist and crime ridden city in europe. Sad isnt it? 🙁

    • its just sad how some people never give up on their own foolishness…

      for once.. just stop and admire the bueaty.. leave your hatemongering for political debate forums…

    • to Miss India, I think your mistaking Russia for India, which is populated by poor, dirty,violent and uneducated people. Except for in India they dont have buildings, just dirt shacks, which is exactly where you belong

  3. It’s not populated by poor Russians. It’s not even the most violent, racist, crime ridden city in Russia, let alone Europe. It’s the best place on earth.

  4. I am speechless!

    I have had friends who have been to St. Petersburg. Every one of them came back telling me what a beautiful city it is, and that I should go. I had even seen their travel pics! But too see this incredible place from the air is to realize just what an architectural gem it truly is!!! Now I must go!

    Great pics! Thanks for posting them!

  5. I’ve been to many places in these photos! I’ve been to the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Issac’s Cathedral (which to me looks like the State Capital of Texas), and the Winter Palace/Hermitage Museum.

    They were all delightful treats!

  6. St. Petersburg is a freakin awesome city. I lived there for a year (back in the day when it was still Leningrad), and I would go back in a second to live if I could find a real job.

    Metro Pribaltiskaya representin!

  7. many Russian cities are beautiful in the way of architecture. Same about Ukranian, Belorussian. This is just one of the many.

  8. I’m reluctant to add any cliches to the above…really it’s my dream city. I guess I’d need a tourist guide to fully exploit it. My sense of direction is vague at the best of times. Only my heart is in the right place…I think. Speaking ironically, of course.

  9. I realized that this city is so much beautiful as I thought it would be.
    I would really love to visit this fascinating city.

    regards from Mexico!!

  10. Awesome pictures! Thanks!

    One day my country won’t suck so much… I’ll have beautiful cities like this… and people will actually live there…

  11. Great photos. It’s amazing how much cleaner the city appears from a few hundred feet up!

    And yes, I saw my house too!

  12. We went to Saint Petersburg (via Moscow & train)last summer. Thanks for the pics its a perspective we missed. Are they taken from the some chopper that didnt fly the day we went to the Peter Hof? We went by Hydrofoil instead.The city was beautiful even with the blemishes of all large cities. We are thinking of a return visit in the winter, is this a wise move,Weatherwise?

  13. After seeing these pictures I have no doubts that russia is the most corrupted country. Most of these buildings are the exact COPY of our greatest American architecture.People, you probably never visited USA and never seen the architecture we have. Go to Washington DC and see the white house, see the library. Go to NY and see the wallstreet or go to Disney Land which is truly brilliant. Yes maybe I am a proud American, but we Americans just trying to help other countries to become free as we are! And we have Holliwood with the best actors in the world. How come our actor are the most famous in the world and not Russian or Italian? Did anyone evere heard anything about Italian or French actors or films? NO! Because american movies bring the culture and educate peopole.

  14. SP is the most beautiful city in the world. The city that most influenced literature, music, culture in Russia.

    Beautiful but not the dvors on the ground with the peeling walls and rats. But you can’t see them from here.

    I saw where I stayed when. photos. 17 and 19.
    Right next to Zenit football stadium on petrogradskaya storona.
    Go zenit!

  15. St. Pete was inspired by Amsterdam. Peter the Great was a great admirer of the dutch and spend lost of time there, studying the art of shipbuilding mostly. His favorite outfit was a dutch deckhands outfit. In particular when participating in triumph marches, when everybody would expect him to wear a Tzar’s regal outfit !

    St. Pete ‘s canals are inspired by the Amsterdam canals.

  16. I visited this city when it was still Leningrad, in about 1984, stayed in the Hotel Europa on Nevsky Prospekt.
    The hotel was very grand in its lower floors, the restaurant was beautiful, with its stained glass windows, and ceiling.
    But upstairs?
    Our rooms were a different world, worn and dirty, with the threads of the carpets torn. The joke was that the KGB were listening to every room, as the James Bond stories would have us believe.
    But of course, as any Russian knows, the truth is that even if there were listening devices in every room, how many might work at any given time?
    We had our share of being followed.
    But we also met ordinary Leningrad people, who were kind and helpful, we were impressed at how many spoke some english, none of us could speak Russian. We were invited to a few homes, to one couple’s party, told how to get there without being followed… do not use an intourist taxi…bus, private car…
    One night, trying to get into a bar, where we could hear music and laughter, the doorman would not let us in, nyet, no foreigners… but in our party were pretty girls, fron Finland, and as we were walking away, we asked a party of sailors, in uniform, where we might find a bar, not the hotel or intourist foreign currency bars, but one where local people would go. They pointed back up the street, we told them the doorman said no.
    Ha! our new friends marched us back up the street, we could see the doorman about to say no…. but. no. he did not dare. So we were guests of the submarine fleet that evening, of drinking, dancing, and laughter.
    They told us funny stories of the cold war as lived by the sub crews, of sitting quiet under the sea as an american ship searched for them, of playing their sub’s record… The Beatles: They all sang at the top of their voices, “We all live in a yellow submarine!” They told us they would play it to deafen the NATO submarine hunters….
    Thanks, English Russia for these pictures, they bring back a lot of memories.
    A beautiful city, and some wonderful people.

  17. LOL one of the main reasons civilization arose was because with a water source nearby larger groups of people could be sustained. Americans were over 7000 years late to originate that! Do you really expect me to believe they were the first to come up with trees in cities? What will you say next? Did Americans invent food? Did they invent wearing clothes? Or is it possible that people lived and survived before Americans?

  18. … What a wonderful city!!! I hope to visit it in person sometime. and just for the record not all Ameicans think the world revolves around us. Love this website, a great way to sortof visit another world.

  19. Now im living in St Petersburg!!!Im happy now…yes,guys,really!!!such a beautiful places around!!!i came back from America, actually from Hawaii(i was there about 1year than leave it for Russia)…but even ocean or palm-trees or Hawaians could make me happy!!!miss u America BUT LOVE u Russia

    • Hi,

      I visited St.Pete last summer(August,2007).It is wonderful.I recommend all friends to visit this beautiful city.

  20. Beautiful pictures!

    The big stone obelisk on the middle of the plaza front of the Winter Palace is brought from Virolahti, Finland, at least 150 kilometers from SPb. I can’t understand how it was possible on 18th century! It must weight hundreds of tons.

  21. I like to be there. Its one of my dreams to travel to Russia. I hope, by God’s grace, i can make it there one day.

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  23. Saint Petersburg is my favorite city for walking (in the summer). I love the bridges. In fact, it is known as the Venice of the North with over 1,000 bridges connecting its 42 islands according to wikipedia. Some are ornately detailed footbridges and another is Blue Bridge. Blue bridge is the widest bridge in the Venice of the North covering an impressive width of 97.3 meters. I love the ‘White Nights’ celebration!

  24. Priviet

    Russia has beautyful cities and amazing women. Ok…people may be sort of rude sometimes, but if you learn some russsian and try to communicate, they will be rather friendly.
    They just dont like to hear somebody speaking english…historical reasons and current diplomatic issues I guess.

    Just some words regarding russian girls. The opinion in western countries is that they are cheap and easy to get, mainly because of the way they dress. However, fact is that the majority of young russian woman are well educated, intelligent and have high moral standarts. So, just dont be disapointed if you can only watch but not touch 😉

    Anyway, you will considerably improve your chances by learning russian!


  25. America has never won a War in its short history! No-one can win a civil war, as your fighting yourselves, as it was British Vs British. America then lost the war against Mexico(!!!) Not to mention the fact they suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Native Americans. America then ‘won’ WW1 for the allies, despite the fact that the Axis were fighting off the allies, and could have done so for at least another year, but popular riots had sparked up across Germany, which forced Germany to leave the war, and led to the abdication of the monarch in power at that point. This meant that it wasn’t the americans being mowed down by the German defences who won the war, but the Germans themselves taking things into their own hands. WWII…..All I need to say is this-80% of German losses were inflicted by the Russians.

  26. what are you dull!? Almost all architecture in St. Petersburg of esch from times of his foundation from the beginning of a 18 age, in America of esch none normal building it was not built!!!

  27. Yeah, St Petersburg is a beautiful city, no doubt. It’s really sad that so many people, both European and Western have such twisted ideas about the other. The fact is that Russia has had a long and glorious history with much to be lauded and much to be condemned, but then again so has the USA. Americans, at least those of us that still think for ourselves, are very tolerant and understanding people with a great curiosity about other cultures and peoples. The prevailing mindset these days is to let others do your thinking for you and you just regurgitate what you have been fed. This is sad and reminescent of the old Soviet Union. While Russia is moving forward into the next millenium the USA is losing it’s God given freedom’s to the politically correct/expedient left that made life in the USSR difficult for 70 years.
    Come on folks, let’s try to understand each other and learn to enjoy each others culture without the neanderthal comments that only serve to reflect the propaganda that we all are being subjected to.

  28. I do not understand. I just viewed pictures of Saint Petersburg (PITER) taken from a helicopter. These are some of the best views of Saint Petersburg I have ever seen. I do not understand why all of these comments, anti-Russian, anti-American, et cetera are poping up from this……

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  31. Never thought that these pics of a beautiful city would provoke such insular views. I traveled all the way from the Caribbean to see this beautiful city a few years ago. Your photos are excellent.

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