Wasps on the Balcony

wasps on the balcony 1

When those guys started the renovation on their balcony they found the whole wasps nest. It happened in one small cities near Altai region in Russia.

wasps on the balcony 2

wasps on the balcony 3

wasps on the balcony 4

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  1. I do NOT endorse the rude remarks about Russia. I do disagree with some Rusian politics, but that is not relevant here.

    I do agree that those look like honeybees, not wasps.

  2. Comment by Domo
    2008-04-16 15:04:37
    Russophobia is still a big problem worldwide.

    ya , well what other country poisons dissidents on foreign soil with radioactive poison at sushi bars?

    maybe………….. maybe russia desrves it

  3. a) Cool photo.

    b) There are some very odd people who comment on this website. I don’t understand it, if they hate Russia so much, why visit the site? Maybe they (deep down), love Russia, and that’s what draws them back.

  4. These are not honeybees. They are known as German yellowjackets in the US, commonly called wasps, and are closely related to hornets.

    They build very large nests out of wood fiber in enclosed spaces within trees, floor, balconies, holes in the ground, even piles of undisturbed leaves. These hornets make their nests out of wood that they digest and form into a sort of paper, which is why these guys found the nest inside the balcony. (Honeybees make their nests from wax.) They do not make honey. In the photo you see, that is not wax in the cells, but the paste that they use to seal the developing larvae into the cells.

    Unlike honeybees, they are quite dangerous because yellowjackets can keep on pumping venom out of their stingers for a long time once they sting you. Here in southern regions of the US, mild winters have not been cold enough to kill the yellowjackets over the season, so they keep building their nests until they get large enough to fill abandoned cars. http://www.aces.edu/department/extcomm/npa/daily/archives/002193.php
    Every year a few guys on riding mowers get killed by swarms of yellowjackets who have had their nests run over.

    We know about them because we found a large nest under our den when we moved into a older house a few years ago. Luckily they had all been dead for some time when we found it. But nothing is creepier than taking up some floorboards and looking down at a big gray wasps’ nest filling all the space between the joists.

  5. When I was a little kid, I used to catch yellow jackets in my hands. I’d scoop one off a flower and once they were cupped inside my hand in darkness, they’d immediately fall asleep. After a few moments of no activity, I’d open my hands and the little guy’s would crawl to the end of my finger and then fly away.

    • I used to catch bees and then put them into the freezer, after about 15 minutes I take them out and tie a thread to its leg. Then when it wakes up I walk with it like a dog on a leash and scare the younger kids.


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