The Sauna Truck

Mobile Russian sauna.  1


Many Russians like sauna or “banya” as it’s being called in Russia. They don’t imagine their next weekend without a visit to such a place together with their friends.
This big demand in Russia for saunas has gave a birth for such a strange device as “The Mobile Sauna”. A four wheel drive truck is a sauna equipped now. It can take you deep inside the Russian woods and you would have your sauna there. Sauna lovers say that there is nothing in the world like jumping right from the hot sauna into the cool waters of a forest lake in some place hundred miles away from civilization…

Mobile Russian sauna.  2


Mobile Russian sauna.  3


Mobile Russian sauna.  4


Mobile Russian sauna.  5


Mobile Russian sauna.  6



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  1. Some men from Estonia built a sauna into a truck already in 1999 (, sry, the link is in Estonian). And couple yeas after that a bit bigger sauna-mobile (
    There is also a sauna-bus built into a old LAZ bus in Estonia (couldn’t find a link for that) – so not a very rare invention 😉

  2. Just a regular sauna night among guys. Could be in Finland except nobody wears a hat and a towel in sauna. Ok, maybe teenage boys may wear knitted caps in sauna. They’ll wear them _everywhere_ these days.

  3. I wonder how many of them will really “jump right from the hot sauna into the cool waters of a forest lake”.
    I mean, I have seen the “Peculiarities of National Hunt” and IIRC, only one of the heroes of the movie was brave enough to do so…:-D

    • I believe you’re not aquainted with sauna traditions of Northeastern Europe (Finland, Estonia, Russia) at all. At winter, it’s perfectly common to chop a hole in the ice sheet of a lake and take a dip in it between the sauna sessions. And of course, everybody must be naked, or it’s considered a serious faux pas. The pictures here don’t really convey that aspect.

  4. I could easily imagine an article on englishrussia a few months from now about how a Sauna truck caught fire in the woods and a bunch of people got killed, trapped inside.

  5. Nice, but I bet it’s not as hot as Alina Kabajeva. 😉
    Have you allready heard the news? Admistrator should really post some pics of her over here!

  6. According to the phone at the truck, it’s Barnaul, south-west Siberia, and the truck is available for rent. Small funny business.

  7. What does it say on the side of the truck?

    BAN’KA? Is this correct?

    Does that mean like “little banya” perhaps?

    I’m just trying to figure it out!

  8. here in Brazil saunas are usually visited by gay people.
    you can’t hope go in a sauna for just a hot humid place; you will find some fellas hunting for mans like wolves hunt for food.

    • Fortunately Nordic countries and Russia are quite far away from Brazil so we can go to sauna like we have for hundred or even thousands of years. For some finnish people the sauna is a holy place, for some, even holier than the church. In the past children were born in sauna and the dead were prepared for their final journey in sauna, too.

  9. A year ago I also remember that someone made a Banya Truck on the Ural Truck chassis. They made it for the Russian miners or oil workers, or something like that.

  10. I love it! Some of my best times in Russia were in a sauna with Putin, especially when he used to let Lukashenko come over from Minsk to visit.

    Best wishes to the sauna operator and his customers, who by the way should consider a more healthy diet.

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  13. Theres been some mobile saunas in the UK since at least the mid 90’s, usually built on a trailer and towed by a truck. everyone is naked, I’ve never taken pictures….

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