35 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now”

  1. I like the pictures mostly, but the type of destructions on seventh picture is impossible. I think wall panels under the hole must fall down. As well in the building on sixth picture the floors which is not held by walls will be collapsed.

    • You underestimate Russian engineering. All buildings are so designed for upper floors to withstand the complete and entire destruction of lower levels.

      The building in Pic 7 still has far more support than it needs. (By the way, 9th floor room available; interested in renting? Pay for 12 months up front…)

      Build on, comrades.

      • You want to say they use antigravitation? 🙂 They underestimate themselves then – they can make buildings without foundation but haven’t build any yet. 😉

  2. Looking at the pictures I begin to think what can I do to prevent the situation in reality. I hope other people in general think the same way. That’s why I like it.

  3. photoshop!
    (i’ve always wanted to say this 🙂

    btw, the pictures are a bit too surrealistic for my taste, but i like them. makes me feel nostalgic, somehow. and no, i’ve never experienced war myself.

  4. lol end of times? looks like it already arrived in russia some years ago judging from a lot of other things on this site…

    • Мужские горские понятия это повторять одну и туже хуйню в каждом топике?

  5. I have not heard this before. I could not find the article you mentioned but found this http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/december2005/211205warriors.htm
    To me, the story seems worthy of the National Inquirer, a publication known for completely false stories.

  6. Anna,
    The article appeared in “The Independent”, which is published in the U.K. Some people may believe this rubbish, but most do not. You are right, most current event articles about Russia that are published in the western press are propaganda.

  7. вся Москва разрушена, осталось только Тушино
    all Moscow is broken, only Tushino is saved

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