14 thoughts on “The Petrol PC”

  1. This looks more like a modified pc case without the pc innards. There is no indication of a motherboard or anything. The only thing that remains is the powersupply. To me it looks like a fuel pump of sorts or maybe a poor mans nitrous oxide tank.

  2. I like that red battery jumper clamp right next to the tank… Probably for a little extra “jump” in the morning!

  3. That’s a pipeline / injector cleaning pump mounted with all its filters and cans in a single case with handle and wheels. So it become convenient for outdoor use (but one can not use it in a room anymore, due to safety regulations).

  4. Yeah, I dont think thats a PC…i think its just a analyzer to check if the gasoline has water in it..aka…being watered down…

  5. Amazing how accurate some of these baby face generators are. I used the one here and the result looked just like one of my kids!

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