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  1. The dash and some of the interior door panels are from audi. Probably the audi v8 (i have one). The audi v8 was delivered in a limo version so maybe it was built on one of these?

  2. New money is always looking for bling-bling extravaganza. Taste is developed over the years, if these years were spend sitting in ugly ’70 s interiors [like in the Soviet Union] or surrounded by ugliness in general, this is what you get.

    Horrendous !!! Reminds me of the cars you can see in ’70 s blaxploitation movies like Superfly… black pimps love this stuff. Trailer park-trash’ idea of style and grandeur.

  3. Hei kaikille!!
    This is a strange device. The label “Limyzin” in the Ukrainian language you can see on one of photos. It has been made that all have understood to itself, that it is a limousine, not a funeral car (catafalk in Ukrainian).
    Glory to the Chochlänian designers! Hats off!

  4. I have found out, that in transmission of this strange device asynchronous electric motors are applied.
    It’s cool!

    • The instrument panel is from the last Audi 100/first Audi A6, for sure. I owned such a car for years and remember it. Also from Audi: the direction light interrupter and the light control.

  5. I totally agree with you!!
    Another thing….when the hell is Ukraine called a small country? Its freaking huge! If my memory is right its about half the size of the rest of Europe put together! I have been to Ukraine 10 times and its people are full of class! This guy who made this car was about 30 years to late in style and lost his class in a glass or bottle of vodka! Oh, was I sterotyping??? Sorry…Russians,Ukrainians,and any other former Soviet sad excuse for a democracy and free society – your police and currupt officials suck and so do your roads!
    Now, your women is another subject! They are the prettiest damn things I ever seen and sweet! Too bad many look for western men as they can’t stand their own lazy, drunk ass men who think romance is getting the girlfriend drunk so they can “do” her in the apartment hallway!
    Have I gone off on a tangent? Sorry! But, most of you people who write here never been to these countries and only read about them. I lived there! As much as the American president and politics suck here – I would never trade my country for all of them combined!
    Did I say I love Russian music??? Sorry! I forgot!

      • In Urkaine live about 45 million people. It’s not a huge country, but obviously it’s not a small country. It ranks 27th in the world (population).

    • lol americans and geography >>its about half the size of the rest of Europe put together<<

      1,669,807 sq mi / 4,324,782 km² european union (so not even the rest combined)


      233,090 sq mi / 603,628 km² ukraine

  6. Beautiful car! I want to know more.

    1. How much to purchase?
    2. Can I have my initials embroidered into the seats before delivery?
    3. Does it come in other colors?
    4. Will it go faster than the limo used by Lukashenko?
    5. I agree with my friends above who say it looks inside a little like a death place. So, for atmosphere, can you install a small but colorful and reflective disco ball over the bar?

  7. That is one seriously ugly car.
    And what’s the worst, the dude couldn’t even afford personalised plates. Certified Tosser.

  8. Only people with a taste for the finer things in life can appreciate this vehicle. This is one of the most elegant automobiles I have ever seen. The craftsmanship and styling are exquisite. This is a true luxury automobile that all manufacturers will attempt to duplicate.

  9. Next time you see him will you see if he will rent it out for one of the next Die Hards? Also if he could make a really short caravan for it? Thanks in advance.

    • to Bruce Willis: not likely. I reside in the US right now. I plan a trip for the end of July, but it’s nothing concrete yet. I was born in that village and some of my family still lives in the area. If you’d like, a contact info for the guy (his name is Ivan) could be arranged.

      Actually, this limo is his third one, the second he build for one of Ukrainian singers from Kyiv (don’t know which one).

    • to Bruce Willis: I might not get a chance. I’m living in the US right now. I do plan a trip there at the end of July, but nothing concrete yet.

      I was born in that village and some of my extended family still lives in the area. Perhaps, contact info of the guy (his name is Ivan) could be arranged. Let me know, and I’ll ask him through family if it’s OK to provide a contact number.

      Hi does drive for weddings on occasion and his second limo (the pictured above is the third one) was build to order for one of the singers from Kyiv (don’t know which one).

    • to Bruce Willis: probably won’t get a chance to talk to the guy for some time to come. I live in the US. I do plan a trip at the end of July, but nothing concrete yet.

      Getting the guys contact info (his name is Ivan) is a possibility. I was born in that village and some of my family still reside in the area. Perhaps I can ask a relative to get the contact info from the guy if he OK’s it.

      By the way, the photos above are from his third project, the second one he build to order for some Ukrainian singer from Kyiv (don’t know the name). He does drive the live occasionally for weddings.

        • If by caravan you mean “trailer”, then I don’t see why not, for a price. We need to get in touch via other means to discuss this further, like e-mail or instant messaging. Need to have some concrete info of who asks what and where from before I start asking questions. Just to show serious intent. My ICQ: 248348266

    • Me deciding not to build a limo like that is a more productive use of time and resources.

      Although it has provided brief amusement for the many viewers of this site, so perhaps it ain’t all bad 🙂

  10. “Some small countries, ex-parts of the Soviet Union always try to express their independence from Russia and often from the rest of the world too.”

    Some people in Russia always try to express their nostalgia for “glorious” soviet times. The age of colonial empires is over, accept it finally.

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