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  1. Do people in Russia still use gas flame to connect plumbing stuff together?
    Rebe in my Sinagogue told me in the US they used to do that way like a hundred years ago.
    …But that is ok, after a couple of hundred years people in Russia will evolute to Homo Sapiens eventually.

        • One more brazilian here. What the hell are we doing here anyway…

          Acho que s para lembrar que h um lugar no mundo muito pior para se viver, rs. Pelo menos aqui temos mulher bonita, praia e sol 9 meses todo ano.

          • porra, queria eu não ter esse sol todo…

            e há mulheres russasbonitas. (aqui também tem muita mulher feia)

            e ser pobre é ruim em qualquer lugar do mundo… se você tem grana lá, certamente não vai achar tão ruim assim.

  2. If you want to get red urine , drink juice of beet. I drank 2 glasses, and my urine is red.

    By the way, the juice of carrot is also changing the color of urine to orange.

  3. On 4 April of approximately 19:00 (msk) occurred explosion in the apartment house №8 on the street of academician Korolev, in the first entrance of the first housing. It perished 3 people. According to the preliminary data, the reason for explosion became the nonobservance of safety engineering with the fulfillment of welding works… Photographs from the place of incident on the sledushchiy day after the explosion:

    • Thanks for your kind words, but fortunately everything worked to my advantage. When the hair waxing craze hit Tehran, I gained a reputation as a trendsetter, which enhanced my position as a visionary leader.

      When Lukashenko decided to do the same, he invited me to Minsk to have the honor of applying the adhesive strips to his buttocks and then ripping them off. It was a notable moment in internatinal diplomatic relations.

        • Yes, but it takes great courage for him to be that way in such a traditional society. You, as a native of his country, should write and thank him for being a trendsetter and strong leader (have you seen those shoulders?). He is a lonely man at the top, and loves to hear from his people, especially those living and working abroad and able to send home hard currency.

          Contact him at: 9 Sovetskaya St., Minsk 220010.

          Be sure and include a photo of yourself. Who knows? When you return to Belarus they may welcome you at the airport or border crossing in a special way.

          Feel free to use my name in your correspondence to Lukashenko.

          Yours in the bond of cross-cultural friendships,
          M. Ahmadinejad

    • That’s Moscow, where the place is very expensive.

      The most cost of the house is infrastructure. In Russia you have to spend on infrastructure about 3 times more, than in the USA. You need more materials (walls in the USA are much thiner), and higher expenses, especially in winter.

    • Other cities are more sparse. Say, Novosibirsk is approx. same dimensions as London but it’s 1.5 mln citizens whereas London has 10 mln.
      If you want to build something in Novosibirsk then you can get the land for free or for the price of infrastructure such as pipelines and cables. You pay the rent while yo haven’t completed the building but when you’ve done you get the land for free in your full ownership. Nevertheless most of recently built buildings are 5 to 10 floors. This is dictated by costs of materials. Say, a typical brick wall is 12.5×5 = 63 centimeters thick — two bricks, heat insulation and two more bricks. Even more funy, you’ll find shortage of car parking palces — it’s a bit costly to clean spare place from snow 🙂

    • Smart point.

      Because in Russia urbanization is also kicking in, just like in the rest of the world. In particular Moscow: being a Muscovite is like a status symbol in Russia. So you get a self fulfilling prophecy: the jobs and careers are in Moscow and St. Pete, since they are the only cities that are really expanding. Real estate prices are rising excessively every month. In Moscow almost everything green has been sacrificed to make room for expensive apartment blocks – not really resulting in the most beautiful city on earth, to use an understatement..:(

      10 % of the population is living in those 2 cities. Apartment buildings are erected as fast as possible, quite often disregarding safety regulations. I.e. the theft of construction materials is very common. Since it’s impossible to insure, the developer continues to build with less materials… replacing them is not really an option, because profits should be as high as possible. Hard to believe, but true. Against regulations of course, but bribes will smooth everything out. And since everybody has to pay for their apartment upfront, it’s almost impossible to claim damages and other defects afterwards. Capitalism at it’s most brutal.

      • What about Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok, for example? I’m not saying they compare to Moscow or St. Petersburg. I like cities that have some opportunity, but without the madhouse effect of striving to be like, or compete against, other cities.

        • Sorry, but, you know with all the women in Tehran under so much clothing, my imagination just goes wild sometimes.

          That is why I love to travel abroad. Airports are a wonderful place to find women of limited clothing and loose morals (or is it loose clothing and limited morals? Whatever.)

          They are unable to resist the charms of beautiful olive-complexioned, slender at waist, healthy and fit, 40-ish (okay maybe 50-ish) man in well-polished loafers and sexy collarless shirt and full head of dark hair who happens to bump into them in the duty-free shop, smile, and bashfully inquire as to whether ribbed condoms really work or is it just another marketing gimmick.

  4. Thank you for the pictures. If anyone has even more detailed pictures (better yet, from the inside), please let me know. I’m studying how fire behaves in such confined places.

  5. This makes me remember on the blast, which occured in Hungary in 1993 (?). The explosion took place at Káposztásmegyer, Budapest, 8th Jós Street. The explosion destroyed many appartments too, and looked the same, like here.
    According to my research, a weirdo used to live in the flat, who had collected many explisove stuff, and used to wash testing holders (which had all the time rest elements of different chemicals) in his washing machine (!!).
    So one night some gases reacted with a sparkle, causing a fire, which made the rest chemicals to explode.
    As far as I know two person died that night, and two whole floors were totally destroyed.

    • Ps.: Here is the article about the blast. So, the exact place and time: 14th of September, 1993, Békásmegyer, 8th Jós street. The blast happened on the 9th floor, 7 people died, including a 16 year old boy and his sister (?).
      http://www.tuzoltosagbp.hu/reszlet.php?mit=89&tabla=cikkek (scroll down to “A Jós utcai tragédia”).
      The bathroom was used as chemical laboratory.

      (Sorry if it’s a repost)

  6. Ok, found the article, and the picture of this:

    And the article: Scroll to: “A Jós utcai tragédia”

  7. That building should have collapsed entirely.
    When tall building in New York catches fires they always collapse, especially when it is jet fuel or welding gas.

  8. Wow, I hope that no one was hurt! I also hope they will repair the building quickly so that those people can have a home once more and can start to rebuild their lives.

  9. Wow, I hope that no one was hurt! I also hope they will repair the building quickly so that those people can have a home once more and can start to rebuild their lives.

  10. Home was a condo on the 15th floor of a filing cabinet for widows and professionals. The walls were solid concrete. A foot of concrete is important when your next-door neighbour has to watch game shows at full volume. Or when a blast of debris that used to be your personal effects blows out of your windows and sails flaming into the night. I suppose these things happen. How embarrassing. A houseful of condiments and no food. The police later told me the pilot light might have gone out letting out just a little bit of gas. That gas could have filled the condo. Seventeen-hundred square feet with high ceilings for days and days. Then the refrigerator’s compressor could have clicked on.


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