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  1. First!!!

    Sorry!! Not black Russian Army! I know! These men are embassy personel…lets get our facts straight!!
    spies like me know such things……

    • “On graduating at the school they will go back to Africa.”

      That was the plan, but while visiting the city on a weekend pass, they fell in love with Ludmila and Tatiana, two girls they met on the subway. Now they have applied for marriage licenses and permit to open and operate Cafe Africa, a trendy bar and cafe, near the university. Wish them the best!

  2. After hearing stories and talking to black people I visited in Russia I can’t imagine that blacks would have a nice time at the Russian army.

    No offense, but I noticed a lot of nationalistic and even racist feelings with the Russian people. I don’t say all Russians are racist, bu I know foreigners have a hard time staying in Russia if there not from the EU.

    • Who you mean foreigners? Azerbaijanians, tadjiks or kirgizs? Russians have attitude to them like americans to mexicans or white frenchmen to arabs.

    • True that, true that. Much to our own detriment, we Russians are quite a racist and intolerant bunch. It’s in the blood, you know, and history has a lot to do with it.

      What, with the Tatar-Mongols, Turks, Persians, Japanese, just to name a few “different” races that have waged vicious wars with Russians throughout history, we’ve developed this fear of foreigners, coming to our land, wanting to get some. The only reason the whities from EU are not targeted as much is because they don’t stand out as much appearance-wise. But there’s no love lost with the Frenchies or the Germans, or other vanilla-faced Europeans who also tried to bend over mother Russia in the past. Something to think about.

      • No history is “in the blood”. There is just propaganda.

        I’m sure kids in Moscow don’t care about Siberia or have been there. But it makes Russia look bigger on the map, so they think they care. Even though they think they hate people there and in Kaukasus.

        As long as you pump oil and gas from there the Kreml want you to believe you care because if the nation split into asia-russia and euro-russia, the european russians would have to start work like other countries.

        • Quite right! Racism is something for cowards. Strong people – I mean strong from within – don’t need to be afraid of foreigners.

        • Propaganda, and indoctrination. Talk about ‘the pure Russian blood’ [which is a myth – Russians are a melting pot of many tribes including the ones they dislike so much]

          Quite often they never even met a person from the country/race they hate.

          It is a bit generalizing from my side, but one might think it’s in principle the fear of the conservative provincial for everything which appears unusual to him. Russians, being closed of from the world for centuries [and indoctrinated to distrust this world in the meantime] definitely classify as ‘provincial’ on a global scale. Only when you come into direct contact with foreigners and foreign countries you start realizing how biased and prejudiced you actually are. The government of course does nothing to prevent this, quite the contrary: a common ‘enemy’ will unite the people [who are always on the lookout for a ‘strong man’ to save and protect them from / against the evil outsiders].

          Trust me, in general people just want to live their live and do so in harmony, both inside and outside of Russia.

          It would be a good idea to have every Russian kid spend a year or so abroad to broaden his/her horizon. I think everybody would benefit from it.

          • “It would be a good idea to have every Russian kid spend a year or so abroad to broaden his/her horizon. I think everybody would benefit from it.”

            Max, you right. It would be a wonderful experience and most certainly would broaden their horizons. However, I would also recomend this to other countries, especially the US.

            It seems to me that American kids are living in a bubble of consumerism, corporate and political propaganda that could potentially have a very tragic effect in shaping their world view. So seeing how people live in other countries, and the way their societies operate, would most certainly be beneficial to such absorbent young minds.

          • Ok, so I’ll use myself as an example.

            I am belarussian, the purest russian you can get, hence bela(white, pure) russian.

            Yes, my grandmother herself was 50% jewish (most people in belarus were jews before WWII, i forget what it was called when jews were colonozing europe, but they loved belarus), she married a belarussian and had my mom who would then be 25% jewish (when you have a baby, DNA is mixed from the mother and father, but the strongest hereditary link is from father to son (Y chromosome). My mom, then a quarter jewish, 3/4 belarussian, married my dad who was 100% pure belarussian and had me, so since the link is from father to son is stronger, the jewish blood in me is about 5%, compared to 95% belarussian, which in turn makes me an “ethnic russian”. Jewish religion states the link comes from mother, but I am not talking about religion here, we are talking about ethnicity.

            You see few people are 100% pure, but if you are 60% or more pure, you can be considered of a certain ethnicity.

            Barack obama had a black father, white mother, we cannot say he is not black, but we can say for sure he is not white.

            Russians are a mix of nordic and slavic tribes, this is where max D gets his melting pot theory from. But that doesnt mean they are not russian then. that is like saying africans arent africans because they have multiple tribes and even different countries in africa. Russians are nordic and slavic tribes ONLY, that is an ethnicity. Russian can mean you live in russia, but if you are a pure jew, you are a russian jew, or a jew living in russia, you are not “russian” by ethnic standards.

            This is not up for debate, this is scientific and proven form of geneology and race, and like I said before, look up the definition of an ethnic russian in the world populations statistics.

            Your view is based on America, there is not ethicity for american because noone can trace their roots back to this continent, except native americans.

            I am not saying it is a good thing to divide a nation into different subgroups, but I am a fan of anthropology and geneology and that is how the science of it works, we are different races, its still up for debate wheteher the human race evolved simulatanoulsy in different parts of the world to create the various races, or if all the races “evolved” from an african subgroup.

            Based on your theory, I can become african or an arab just by moving to those countries, but If I do that, I will not grow dark hair and my skin will not get darker. Understand?

            • how can you be pure russian if you’re grandma is jewish? If everyone else is russian in your family then it makes you 75% russian and 25% jewish… and pure means 100%, so you are not pure… just bits

          • Another thing that may help you understand….

            Jews are notorios for marrying into jewish blood to keep the jewish race as pure as possible. If your view was correct, all a person would have to do to be jewish is move to israel (original land of jews). So then the arabs that kicked the jews out of israel and moved in would also be jewish. So then all the palestinians are really jewish anyway, so whats the fighting all about if they are all jewish? You see its not as simple as where you live, its who your mom and dad were, and who their mom and dad were, and so on. Same with russians in estonia, whats the problem? they live in estonia, they are not russian. Not that simple either, these are second generation russians that were born to russian parents that happened to live in estonia, that doesnt make them estonian though.

            • But to really understand russian ethnicity, you need to first understand belarussian history. Why it exists and why it is named the way it is. Once you learn this, you will also learn russian ethnicity.

              • One more thing while I’m at it….

                Ethnic breakdown of Belarus…..

                Before the diaspora…. 80% belarussian, 20% other

                After the diaspora……80% Jewish, 15% belarussian, 5% other

                This was also a time when moscow was growing and many belarussians left for a better opportunity, jewish settlers came in and farmed the fertile land and established a powerful jewish community.

                WWII …… 3 of 4 people in belarus murdered by nazi’s, mostly jewish, including women children and entire families … all slaughtered.

                After WWII, belarussians began rebuilding and repopulating their land.

                Today…… 90% belarussians, 10% other

              • Some slavic/nordic nations could really be a part of russia, and in my opinion, Ukraine and Belarus should be, they are more russian then ukrainian or belarussian. Some are too nordic (Finland, estonia, norway) others are too slavic (Serbia, checkoslavakia, bosnia), to be russian you need the right mix, or as wikipedia calls them….. east slavs… these are the ethnic russians, or the orignal ‘Rus’.


          • One point is too gross to just let go:

            Russians were free to travel during communist times because that way they could spread the gospel of communism ?
            You couldn’t be more wrong. Only a very select group could travel. Impossible for an average person. Stalin even send Russian POW to the Gulags after WWII because they had been in touch with the hated foreigners, and might be infected by their liberal ideas. Etc.

            Russians were basically prisoners in their own country.
            Even today getting a travel passport is still a lengthy enterprise.

            What happened in the 17th-19th century doesn’t really seem relevant for today’s Russian attitude I think.

            • Yeah, your right, a person couldnt chose to move to a satellite nation on their own, it had to be government sanctioned…. that is one of the many faults of communism, which I dont defend at all.

            • Do you in Russia still have the domestic and foreign passport system?! I am so glad I am living in a country where I can get a new passport in some 15-20 minutes – usually without any line.

              • Yes. Getting a travel passport [apart from the visa’s] can take you months. Months of going back and forth to offices which are either closed or unwilling to help you… With bribes you can speed it up a few weeks. In Moscow recently there were only a few regional offices giving out the travel passports. They were open 2 days p/week, between 11 and 3 o’clock. Imagine the lines and the frustrations of the potential 15 million customers.. It’s all about getting the bribes.

                The domestic passport is more like an ID.

        • Swede, so in other words USA doesn’t care about Alaska but it just make USA look bigger on the map? Russia is Russia and if you love it you love the WHOLE of it. If you love a woman you love the whole woman right?

          And in Soviet times when propaganda was a lot more infleuntic there wasn’t this racism. Everybody were communistic comrades of each other no matter what nationlity he/she was.

          • one of the few things around i agreed about before th communists took my nation, that atleast they got the equality down and right, hopefully new easter ffederation nations will learn th lesson from the passt on discrimination

          • Yes Alaska is just a cold harsh place where you can get oil from, unless you are native. My guess is that americans would rather visit Canada or Mexico than Alaska.

            • It depends. Mexico is a completely different type of vacation venue than Alaska or Canada.

              For people who enjoy majestic views of wilderness, outdoors, etc., both Alaska and Canada have them in abundance. Summers in Alaska can be wonderful. Quite a few Americans from the “lower 48” vacation there. It’s considered sort of an adventure for many people. The highway leading into southeast Alaska is filled with campers every summer.

    • Stop telling everyone about our secret submarine! We are about to use it to smuggle Mugabe and lots of gold bullion, diamonds, and cash out of the country. He promised us he would split it with us. Sshhh!

        • Well… you are certinally showing us exactly in which direction you country is thriving. Xenophobia, Racism and intolerance. What an achievement! πŸ™‚ Quite a few parallels with the Baltic States, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

          • Those accusations towards Finland are kinda harsh since our state is notorious for treating its minorities in respectful and caring manner.

            I can fully understand Baltic State’s stand in this matter. After all your kind makes such model minorities πŸ˜‰ And of course in Soviet Russia bad things used to happen to good people.

            • So I guess it’s you, who is a narrominded racist bigot then.

              “your kind” Wow! πŸ™‚ It certainly looks like the Third Reich has left quite a legacy behind in Finland. No doubt in a few years you will be building Nazi memorials http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c5/Lihula_monument.jpg and holding SS marches http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdT9UR7QL8U just like your good neighbors to the south.

              • You are generalizing a group of people (russians) to be lesser than another group of people (you)….

                Hitler used to call russians sub-human apes. Then those sub human apes destroyed his superior army built from a superior race…irony.

                But in this way you are similar to hitler and all nazi’s.

        • tisk tisk trying to make fun of others to feel yourself better isnt a great contibution to your country but pathetic

          come on kid grow up

  3. I disagree.
    Evidently you are too lazy to look them up yourself, but just to get you started here are a few more in addition to qqqqssss’s link…

    The U.S. Air Corps 332nd Fighter Group, aka the Tuskegee Airmen.

    Justice Selwyn Romilly, the British Columbia Supreme Court.

    Emmett Chappelle, research scientist Stanford University and NASA.

    Mark Dean, Stanford, IBM.

    Percy Julian, Harvard, University of Vienna, synthesized cortisone.

  4. it seems you lack yourself of achievments or show me your cathedral that you have built.

    btw whats your definition of racism

    “helped us surviving by helping to make difference between frind and foe, that’s natural.”
    -> can you give an example where that helped

    so i dont see why you need prejudices for surviving

  5. thanks for this comment. but could all you guys stop using the r*- word. we might be mamals but not animals (feel sorry for that sometimes). instead please talk of ethnic group which considers the cultural background and there is a lot of in africa. mali e.g. held the oldest university known of. guess who destroyed the cultural achievements.

  6. You are referring to accomplishments by Arabs. Egyptians are Arabs first, Africans second. Ancient kingdoms you speak of extended along Nile River Valley into modern northern Sudan.

    That is why we (Sudanese Arabs) are getting rid of the black Africans in southern part of our country, as well as a few hilltribes in west. Thanks United Nations for staying out of our way while we work!

    • No, I am referring to accomplishments that were shared by arabs and africans. The ancient kingdoms I speak of were located on the african continent, not the ones along the nile river. You egyptians like to credit alot of things to yourself, but the reality is it was not yours, it was africa’s too. That is exactly what I mean when I say external situations/conditions keep a group of people down.

  7. Although many in Finland and Baltic States would disagree, no nationality or race is superior. Thay are all equal! Quite strange that I have to explain that to a person from such a prosperous country that is “treating its minorities in respectful and caring manner”. Indeed..

    Just remember, my racist friend: “prosperus” doesn’t equal “civilised”. Look no firther then US and UAE.

  8. I like this blog, but what’s with all the xenophobia and racism in the comments?!

    It’s 2008 for Christ’s sake, GROW UP!

  9. It’s very easy to understand Russia today: in the top is the elite, the billionaires who gain so much with the end of Communism and today are the tycoons of oil and gas; the moscovite mid-upper class, who knew how to earn a lot with Capitalism; and the lower-mid russian “Joe”, who has nothing but his “pride”. Pride, hate and racism, of course.

    Russia is a typical Third World country today, like Brazil, India, Mexico and so on. The Russia of Tchaikovsky, Tolstoi, Catherine The Great, the love for the fine arts, the dance, and the great achievements in Science and technology, is definitely dead.

  10. Hey Everybody, remember what Jesus said: “Love one another”
    Sometimes it’s really hard to do but we all have to do it.
    Jesus really did have all the answers if you think hard about it.

  11. They are students of military academies.
    20 years ago there were even more, the Soviet Union invite more students and pay for their education.

    There are a number of Africans who grew up in the Soviet Union as ordinary citizens. Served in the army, etc. According to the laws of the USSR, the mother could abandon the newborn. New citizen grew up and was educated at public expense. Some African students so got rid of unwanted children.

  12. I got stabbed repeatedly by a white man because I was black, for nothing else. I live in a pretty deep south area in Georgia in the US. KKK is still thriving hard down here and it’s sad. I’m a college student, I worked hard at my job as a camp counselor before I was nearly killed. I helped people out, and I do my best to be loving to any and everyone. But now I can’t even sleep a full night without thinking someone will finish the job of that man. I have so much turmoil and hurt that I try so hard to forget and then I see things about countries, not social groups but countries who think they are better than everyone.

    For all those racist people, is that okay?
    To destroy someone’s life just because you don’t like their skin color?
    I just know that God will tear down every evil hearted man.

    I pity all of these hateful people.
    For the record, no matter what religion you are, God is First and Last, Alpha and Omega, and we are nothing. Nothing but humans. We are finite.


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