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    • Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but these photos look familiar so I am going to take an educated guess…

      This is actually (at least I am fairly certain) the library of School Number One in Beslan, North Ossetiya, which was taken hostage in 2004. Notice the broken windows on the left side of the top of the photos. The school was totally ransacked during the siege and should not be taken to reflect how Russians currently treat library books.

      Photos that I know are from Beslan School Number 1:


  1. Where is this place? Is this just the work of vandals? Some physical rejection of the arguments contained in the books themselves?

    Yes it is remarkably sad.

    • “Our birth made us mortal,our death will make us immortal! ! ! ! ! ! !”.do respect to knowledge and difference between humans and inhuman! ! ! ! ! !

    • So,what is your point?these so called “manuals”were also stocked in library,please tell us what happened to this house of knowledge.i think most respected thing on this world are the “books”.if we think our self civilised,we must respect books! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Hey, I found the where this has come from, but the translated version makes little sense. My russian is quit bad, so a native speaker would be much better
    tl:dr source

      • They say its some kind of technical library situated near old abandoned factory. Those are mostly technical reference books and some communism theory.
        Still its sad to see so many books in such state. Maybe I should find where is it near Moscow and get some of them for myself. Though I think there condition is that bad so you cant really be keeping those at home…..

        One sad though got to me – with rise of computers and internet you dont really need many books anymore…

  3. Looking at the books’ titles, I’d assume this library was within one of many abandoned PTUs. PTU used to be some kind of specialized technical colledge in the USSR to teach and prepare specialists of main working professions like locksmiths, lathe operators, machienists etc. With disintegration of the USSR this system was completely lost. Fortunaltely, know it is being gradually revived.

  4. well as far as i remmember . my parents told me that they would take away the books and burn them. and those books were out of print eather way so it doesnt matter . cuz if u ever look inside those books they talked how. stalin, and lenin were great. and thosse are just books they teach u at school

  5. it’s clearly said in this blog, VoDkA was talked about, what it is a library of abandoned factory. So of course no one interested in old technical manuals and such stuff. Strange what those books wasn’t recycled, though.

  6. This is the unretouched portrait of Russia today: books to the trashcan, while xenophoby and intolerance are in high.

    A big and ignorant country, walking proud to the Third World.

  7. The books were probably abandoned because NO ONE CAN FREAKING READ WHAT THEY SAY! BUNCHA BACKWARDS N’S and R’s and 3’s thrown in the mix!

    What kind of gibberish is this?!?!

  8. True. We are now at a point where we hate/laugh at/mollest others because of there simularity between us, rather than our differences. The Idea of seeing heathens beleving in heathen ideas is much easier than our equals doing the same.

  9. Hmm, looks remarkably like the Detroit School Book Repository, except the books are in way better shape, and there are fewer of them. See http://www.sweet-juniper.com/2007/11/it-will-rise-from-ashes.html.
    Here in America, when we fail, we fail epic.

  10. This is a monument of modern art, where no painter has worked.

    In fact the library is a Russia of 90th, and every book is a Russian citizen.

    This is a history of Russion democracy.
    The best allegory I’v ever seen.

  11. ну вопервых это заводсткая библиотека,поэтому в хлам.
    во вторых есть интернет для хранения и использования инфы нежели эти неуютные стены 🙂

  12. What a horrible waste… it really makes me sad, I am of the opinion that nothing should go to waste, especially knowledge! Knowledge is among the most precious things we have, as for printed knowledge, it is capable of surviving us for several generations, printed knowledge is the gift from those of generations past to us, we should do our best to preserve them…

    • I agree with you 100%. Even if a lot of those books are some form of propaganda from the old days it doesn’t mean that they are worthless, you just have to use your discretion and it will still be educational.It’s just that the original intent of the author became transparent.

      I’m an auto mechanic in Toronto Canada. in case you were wondering.

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  14. Эх… жалко столько книг. Надо их в ленинку отправить, у них место найдется )

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  22. Even considering most of them are tecnical manual, guiding my thougts by the previous commentary, it still is a waste of books. And space the could be used.

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  27. Most of the comments are really stupid. Hey guys, what dramatic and sad you have seen on photos? All books are about very very old machine tools. After factory modernization all this staff became garbage.

  28. This IS Chernobyl…these books are toxic. People didn’t abandon them because they wanted to…they didn’t have a choice.


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