37 thoughts on “Lenin Swims Away”

  1. Hi,

    actually, you’re wrong. 🙂

    There was a movie taken in Budapest, Hungary a couple of weeks ago, those pictures you posted are part from it.

    Hungarian article here:

    • Actually, he’s going on a journey into a mountain only to return when the perennial Russian dictatorship faces its greatest peril.

  2. Hi Pulipinty,

    I just wanted to write that this is not something happened in Russia since I recognise Margaret island in Budapest, Hungary
    But you have overtaken me 🙂

  3. Lenin was made of plastic foam, because it was made for the new movie “Budapest”, set in and filmed in, well, Budapest (wich is the capital city of Hungary, in Central Europe, for those who might not be aware of it).
    for more info.

    • Yep, I was slow 🙂 And that’s Margaret Island, indeed.
      see http://www.panoramio.com/photo/4475297 and http://www.panoramio.com/photo/4787041

  4. He is still trying to boss everyone around, even in form of a statue. See how he points and gives directions? Someone should break his arm.

  5. Whether it is Budapest or Moscow, whether it is a stone Lenin or a foam one, the photos are amazing. Beautiful, funny, an illustration of “Sic transit gloria mundi.”

    I had never heard of Margaret Island, and yet here are all my compatiot readers recognizing it! It makes me happy.

    Thank you for the photos. You make my world a bigger place. All I can add is “PHOTOSHOP!”

  6. Shameful! I think this is something the good boys and girls of the one and only Notchnoy Dozhor should be called in for. They should be able to put this terrible injustice straight and return Lenin to his rightful place of justly earned glory, pointing his “lodestarish” finger and leading the nations of the world to eternal happiness … to say nothing of the electrifying of the whole planet. Or was it the whole cosmos? Can’t remember.


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